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A Jedi should not know Anger, nor Hatred, nor Love...

Theed's Spaceport was bustling with refugee vessels, transports, and the occasional local dignitaries; leaving the original hangar to be more obsolete and secluded from the public eye. The journey itself was securely secretive and discreet, as Anakin and Padme` made the voyage through the old, abandoned tunnels that ran under the city's plaza and Royal Palace. It had been a decade since Padme` last visited them, during the Blockade of Naboo. She was impressed that she still remembered her way around the maze-like caverns. Even more, Padme` was delighted to see Anakin's approval and a hint of surprise in his sparkling, blue eyes.

The somewhat abandoned hangar was located in Theed's central district, on the edge of The Great Cliffs bordering the vast and rapidly moving Solleu River that cascaded over the voluminous and grandest waterfalls, The Virdugo Plunge. Naboo's natural elements were nothing less than enchanting. Even something as common as a military airbase or starfighter shed was an impressive construction to be marveled upon. In fact, the entire planet was a majestic wonder of inconceivable beauteousness, enveloped in an array of lush, luxuriant greenery of vegetation. It was a place of timeless splendor, with an entrapment for romanticized fantasies and inviting temptation. Many have fancied a world so magnificent, with all it's vibrant flawlessness,tranquility, and ample growth for progression. To fully experience Naboo in all it's gloriousness is an awing spectacle of enthrallment. Daydreams and yearnings for people or places pass in time and so does one's perception of such frivolities, sometimes for the better.

Entangled within their cloaks embracing each other lovingly and passionately, Anakin and Padme` desperately try to cease rotation of Naboo's spinning axle as they cling to one another in an all too short, yet perfect, universe. Anakin's soft lips gently caress Padme's brow as he gathers her up into his arms, clenching her tighter with every tender kiss. Every breath he breathes seems to pierce his lungs, rekindling the sickening feel of asphyxia from his nightmarish apparitions. Anakin painfully grapples against his darkest fears, fighting back the all too surreal realization, that he is as much afraid to hold on to his brightest passion, as he is to lose it. As he inhales a jagged breath, he mutteres, " I don't want to go. " The words are cushioned by Padme's coiled, tousled mane, soothing it's tone to quiet whisper.

Looking up at him with dark, ebony pools full of adoration, a swell of empathy flooded Padme's eyes. " I know, but you must. The Republic needs you. " Though she spoke of encouragement through a politician's voice, the words her heart shuddered to hear, were nothing less than pure blasphemy.

" The Republic? " Rebutted Anakin, almost shouting as his anger bubbled to the surface, flushing his face to resemble a native Calamarian from Mon Calamari.

" And what about you? " Queried Anakin, now softer in tone, almost pitiful and somewhat childlike.

" Me? Oh Anakin.." Padme` sighed in response, nuzzling her head into his chest, coaxing him with her soothing presence before she continued to speak. " We mustn't forget WHO we are and our commitment to Democracy, just because we wish things to be different. You're a Jedi, a protector of peace, and I'm a Senator of the Republic. We must set our personal feelings aside for now......and do what is requested of us. " Once she finished, she hugged Anakin tighter as if to shield him from the painstaking truth of her statement. Why did she have to be wise for both of them? Always reminding them of the reality to their secret life, secret union; their forbidden love.

Anakin released a long, drawn out sigh as he held her closely to him, allowing the full length of his body to enclose her soft, petite, dainty frame. " I know. We must let go of our pride and do our duty. " He hated the words and they left nothing but bitterness on his palate. Releasing his grip, he let his arms fall to his side. Looking away from his seraphic love, Anakin averted his attention in another direction, resting his gazes on the Jedi starfighter that enlivened his youthful past as a heroic podracer back on Tatooine. The Delta - 7 Athersprite followed the same intricate patterns and color schemes as that of his last podracer from the Boonta Eve Classic. Anakin couldn't help remembering those long lost days without thinking of his mother; the gentle and kind Shmi. Which brought forth another nagging recollection, he hated goodbyes.

" Farewell, Milady. " Anakin's formal plea of parting was short and painfully uncomfortable. Padme` rushed toward him, placing her hand tenderly across his taut jaw-line, forcing him to look down into her deep, brown, loving eyes. " Be safe, Padme`. " Whispered Anakin as he gazed infinitely into those dark embers of compassion, drowning himself in the moment, wishing to spend an eternity there, engulfed within her magical, soothing presence.

" I am safe. As long as my Jedi husband continues to serve and protect the Republic. " Smiled Padme` as she drew herself into him, completely, surrendering her vulnerability to the public that scrambled around them. For that brief moment she allowed her true self to shine through that hardened exterior of the politician she had become. The permacrete wall crumbled as Senator Amidala drifted away, revealing Padme`; the wife of Anakin Skywalker standing in her place. " I love you and I believe in you, Anakin Skywalker. "

As her arms wrapped around his long, lean body, pulling him in closer to her embrace, Anakin was overcome by an uneasy sensation. It was overwhelming, washing over him in full force. He couldn't deny the feeling of an uncanny deja vu. Something in the words Padme` spoke, struck him with an unsettling restlessness. Even more disturbing was the view of the skyline just outside the hangar. The sun was glowing brighter than he remembered it, almost as if it were glaring at him with poignancy. Still, Anakin couldn't shake this feeling as he lingered his sights a little longer on the Naboo sky, " I've got a bad feeling about this..."

" Ani`? What is it? " Her puzzlement was apparent as she placed both of her hands on either side of Anakin's face, bringing him down to her and forcing him to lock gazes with her. " Nothing. I was just...thinking, about what you said." Responded Anakin, with an acute smile that was obviously disguising his true intentions. Lowering his lips to hers, Anakin plunged himself into denial, submerging his conflicts into his brightest passions. He washed away all his fears, allowing his love to burst forth and extinguish the fiery demons that fed off of his qualms and fueled against his discords.

When their lingering embrace came to a slow and saddened end, Padme` smiled trying to set her misgivings concerning his distant demeanor aside. Smiling back at her, Anakin placed his mechanical hand on her shoulder just barely touching the finger tips to her neck. For the first time, Padme` trembled to the touch of the cool steel and the exposed wires. Anakin's smile faded as his flaming blue eyes darkened, " I love you too, Padme`. " Were the only words he spoke before leaping aboard his Azure Angel and disappearing into the Naboo skies.

Padme` stood a while longer in the hangar, peering out into the brilliant blue skies consumed by her thoughts. "Did he sense my doubts, my fears, all that I try to hide from him; my growing and undying love that will continue to bloom even in the afterlife?" Or was the uncertainty she saw in Anakin's eyes? " It would destroy us. " He had said, so long ago, or at least it seemed. His voice back then was filled with assurance, as if he knew. "We have overcome so much together. This will work too; we'll make it work....somehow. I believe in him, I always have." Bowing her head, she wrapped her arms tightly around herself, hugging her body against the chill of the Naboo air. Rising her head once more and casting her sights into the clear blue sky, she shut her eyes and shuddered upon a new sensation that flooded her senses. The scent of dying roses from the Royal Gardens below engulfed her, sending a shrill of goose bumps down her neck and along her back. Then in the distance, she heard a whisper of the past, echoing gently, among the sweet floral breezes of the brisk winds....."He can help you...he was meant to help you."


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....."He can help you...he was meant to help you."

Sigh..... wonderful sweetie pie, just wonderful! Mwah!

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Powerful stuff, Angel... most impressive... and a different side of Ani and Padme than we've seen before...

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i have been patiently waiting for more of your chapters.... do you have anymore in the works?

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Oh no, where are the other chapters? The link you gave doesn't work, and I'd love to read the rest of it.

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