Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Disturbance within the Force

Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves none of these things; yet the Capital of the Republic, Coruscant, is an escapade of tribulation that tests the very core of such timeless beliefs. For it is the planet that never sleeps, an endless sphere of illumination that seems to glow with prosperity and sovereignty for all that seek an escape from the ordinary burdens of reality or delusions of grandeur.

The entire proximity of this planet's surface is covered in magnificent skyscrapers and towering buildings that seem to touch its outer atmosphere. One monumental structure, a grand but sanctuary edifice, seems uniquely misplaced by its juxtaposition; the Jedi Temple. Its layout is unobstructed to all that reside in the galaxy's capital. The five spires that encase its perimeter measure over a full kilometer higher than all the other surrounding structures that enshroud this galactic city.

One of the grandest and most mesmerizing marvels of this magnificent shrine is the room of a Thousand Fountains. Its entire capacity is cloaked in Hylain marsh bamboo, while the walkways are paved in stone, and cascading through all of this are the peaceful and pacific, rippling blue and green waters of the Force-induced waterfalls. Unlike normal waterfalls, where the water flows from its highest point and pools at its lowest, these extraordinary wonders emanate from the underbelly of this phenomenal chamber.

This place of subdued tranquility was used amongst the Jedi for contemplation, healing, and private discussions held mostly for the Jedi High Council. Though, on this particular evening, a Jedi Knight had found his way here. He needed to quiet his mind and allow the wisdom of the Force to flow through him, giving him the ability to reason and justify his reoccurring dream that kept him from serene bliss of a sleep-filled night. Obi-Wan Kenobi sat alone next to one of the small ponds that gurgled quietly as it filled its stream from the rushing waters above. Looking out of the glass encased room, he cast his sights on the nights' sky.

" The stars are so bright and their illuminated light seems to flash as if "......Obi-Wan's thoughts trailed off for a brief moment.

" dancing? Its not possible, they're circular fields of gas! Am I going mad? " He then rubbed his hands feverishly over his bearded face and growled to himself in frustration and exhaustion. These dreams that interrupted his sleep had been haunting him ever since Anakin had returned from his mandate of protecting the young, yet beautiful, Senator of Naboo; Padme` Amidala.

His sleeplessness left his thoughts in a state of unrest, yet his visions were crisp and clear in his tiresome mind. These images that appeared before him in the darkest of eve, were reveries of the past. Figments of events that took him back a decade earlier, to Naboo, where it all began. When Qui-Gon, his former Master and mentor, had lost his life to the sinister evilness of the Sith. Obi-Wan could feel his old wounds that never quite healed, not fully anyway, re-opening and filling him with regret and anger. Though, through the years Obi-Wan had learned how to channel and control this dark emotion so as to not become consumed by its heinous demise. If one were to ever stray along its fiendish path, forever would it bind and consume your destiny.

Once again, Obi-Wan goes through each and every detail of his phantasm, trying to rationalize its images as if to connect the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. He can see the Palace Gardens, lush and vibrant. He can smell its sweet nectar permeating the air, as well as hear the rumble of the voluminous waterfalls. Obi-Wan can also see the young adolescent and estranged couple that walk hand in hand along its well-groomed trail. He watches as the girl, the lovely Queen Amidala, gently kisses the small padawans' cheek and releases a shrill of girlish giggles. Yet, he does not approach them; not yet. Obi-Wan awaits patiently, lingering in the shadows, as he anticipates the padawans' reaction. The little nine year old boy seems to age before his eyes, he appears to tower over her, not in size but, in his engrossed stare. Those eyes, crystal clear and as blue as the Tatooine sky, have widened and darkened, and become fixated and ardent on the girl that stands before him. This is it, the exact moment when Obi-Wan hears ...." Anakin! " his own voice, shouting almost scolding, in tone. " I'm sorry your Highness, he will not bother you again. You have my word. " As he apologizes for his new apprentices' disrupting behavior, the Queen straightens her poise, obviously startled by the intrusion, and simply states in a lofty voice, " Anakin is no bother, Master Kenobi, he is my friend and always welcome to accompany me here on Naboo. "

After recanting these instances for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight, Obi-Wan is distracted by an overwhelming sensation. His body goes still with a penetrating force that leaves him numb, but vaguely aware, of something awry. As soon as the feeling left him another embraced him, a familiar presence was approaching him. Obi-Wan jolted to his feet in an attentive stance to greet the old, yet perspicacious, Jedi Master Yoda. The meek and meager appearance of this Jedi Master was nothing more than an illusion, for within this infinitesimal sized being, was the wisest and most powerful of all the Jedi that have come to grace the Jedi Temple.

" The stars. Watching them, are you not? " Queried the Jedi Master.

" I couldn't sleep. "
Replied an uncertain Obi-Wan. He was skeptical to reveal his dreams or the awkward feeling he had just encountered.

" Dreams, not easy to understand, cloud the mind they do. Confused you are by them. Must clear your mind of thought. Then, only then, will you know their true meaning."
Concluded Yoda. Then, without hesitation, he stepped closer to the swelling pond of pooling water. With a wave of his tri-fingered hand he parted the waters and staggered into the liquefied wedge.

" Felt something you have? "
The question was far more a statement than a conundrum.

" Yes, Master Yoda. I'm just not sure what it was or what it means for that matter. "
Corresponded the confused Obi-Wan.

" A disturbance in the Force. "
Rebutted Yoda.

" A disturbance? Do you mean...the Sith? "
Beseeched Obi-Wan.

" No. For this I am certain. "
Answered the Jedi Master, yet his facial expression showed no signs of relief or gratefulness.

" Well, that's good then, isn't it? "
Pondered Obi-Wan, probing for more information on his troublesome Force filled feelings.

Yoda then departed the wet passage and fell into place alongside his counterpart. Shaking his small head and fixating his gaze on to the tall, gallant Jedi Knight beside him, he proceeded to answer him.
" Good, you say? A point of view that is. "
Retorted the Jedi Master.

" But, Master Yoda, I don't understand. "
Obi-Wan was now agitated and even more bewildered than before.

" Clear your mind, Obi-Wan. Confused you are not. "
Rebuked Yoda. Then with a slow jounce he began to depart the miraculous room of vast vortexes. As he neared the end of the walkway he paused and allowed his voice to echo throughout the entire chamber.

" Long time have you known. To not see, chosen you have. "

As if a massive weight had been lifted from Obi-Wan's shoulders, he straightened his stance and robotic-like he answered,

" Served you well, your insights have. The path of the Chosen One, difficult will be. Choose he must. Choose he will. "
Before his shadow disappeared, Yoda ended their private commune with one final commission.

" Contact him you will. To the Temple he must return. "

With Yoda's words still fresh and unblemished in his thoughts, Obi-Wan tarried a bit longer and contemplated their conversation. The dreams of the past now seemed to make perfect sense with the tremor he and Master Yoda had shared through the Force. "It's been there since he was a boy. Now he is confused, distracted -" Obi-Wan's memories howled in his mind and meshed with all that had just transpired in the room of a Thousand Fountains. " Long time have you known. To not see, chosen you have."
Yoda was right! He chose not to see, blinded by the painful truth all along, he had turned a cold shoulder towards his padawan's authentic emotions, his worries, and most of all his credibility. Realizing this, there was no denying it, Anakin wasn't confused or distracted, he never was. Anakin, was in Love.


Blogger Michelle said...

Seriously good shit Angel baby. You created the visual so very well. I felt like I was sitting right there with Obi...

Proud to call you my best friend!


9:21 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

You are growing as a writer before my eyes.

sigh... simply wonderful. So descriptive... creating the visual of the environment, beginning with the planet, the skyline, zooming in to the temple, even further to the fountains... to find Obi-wan.... JUST like the movies!

Sigh... made my day!
Tip my hat to you girl.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

Proud to call you my best friend!

*sniff* OMG! You are so making me cry! I love you too! ((((HUGS))))

Just like the movies
Shut Up! Seriously? You are the absolute best, you know that? Thanks so freak'n much, Bunny Boo, love you too damn much! *smooches*

2:40 PM  
Blogger Jedi Master Mina said...

Good shit, this is. Done well, you have. Ok, I'll stop talking like Yoda...{lmao}

Loved it Angel baby...As M68 says, you are growing right before our eyes. And your vocabulary is rockin' out of this world, girlfriend. But always remember the target audience or target readers you are aiming for. Too fancy or over the top? You might lose them. Not fancy enough? You might lose them. Not easy, it is. Fine line, you must walk, and continue with this story you must.

Loved the conversation piece between Yoda and Obi Wan...Damn, you've got Yoda down to a tee!!

8:48 PM  

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