Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Paths we choose, Pave our Destiny...

The streets of Theed were vibrant in rich, vivid colors and the homes were decorated with lush, leafy vines, that seemed to flourish without end. Anakins' stroll was more of a swift jog, as he paved his way through the maze-like city. Normally, he would pause and soak up the scenery of this majestic paradise, but his thoughts were completely focused on something more mesmerizing; Padme'. As his pace quickened, his senses were so fixated and attuned that he could practically feel her soothing presence and smell the sweet, floral scents that perfumed her lustrous, ebony hair. He was so close to her, and yet he felt systems away, his need to hold her, to possess her, only grew with each leap toward his destination; the Naberrie homestead.

His body nearly jolted forward as he halted in the small alley outside the modest house. He was captivated by the two small, cherub girls, that played out front with an all-too familiar R2 unit. The screeching little angels recognized the Jedi immediately, and joyfully skipped over to him. They encircled him with a playful dance and a silly song, with R2 treading happily behind. Anakin blushed as he knelt down to pat the domed head of the astromech. With all the ruckus and commotion, a slender, dark-haired woman appeared on the doorstep. Anakin had to take a double look in order to decipher who this person was. Shuddering after a deep exhale, he realized it was Sola, his love's sister. Her stare was inquisitive with an added gaze of astonishment, as she vigilantly gaped in his direction.

Anakin approached the porch that perched the lovely Sola. She averted her eyes to her children and called out to them, beckoning them to come inside for supper. Then once again, she cast her sights back to the tall, strapping, young Jedi. Ever so slightly, Anakin lowered himself to a polite bow, beaming one of his charming crooked smiles her way. Sola seemed tense, as she gripped the decorative hand rail that bordered the terrace. Straightening her graceful frame, resembling her younger sister, she queried his unexpected arrival.

"Anakin Skywalker? Is there something wrong? Who sent you?" Sola spoke with such haste, that the impression of grave concern was obviously apparent. Moving closer to the elevated stoop, Anakin shook his head in assurance that no one knew of his whereabouts. Then he tilted his head up in her direction, gaining her undying attention before he answered her dubious uncertainty.

" I've come to see Padme'. Is she alright?" Whispered Anakin. Now it was he who displayed a state of anxiety.

" Padme' has been under a great deal of stress, Anakin. She's feeling better every day now. She's out back in the garden. " As Sola responded to Anakin's question, his facial expressions and bodily demeanor changed drastically. He appeared as if he were having difficulty swallowing the confirmation of this news. As he shuffled off toward the rear of the house, he glanced once more at Sola and nodded his head, showing his appreciation for her kindness.

As he turned the corner, he was captivated by the seraphic vision that engulfed his view. The gardens were lush and bountiful as it surrounded the entire estate. As serene as nature was to a force-connected soul, nothing was more tranquil than the angel that stood still in the thick of it. There, next to a shuura tree, dressed in an elegant day gown, shimmering like a silvery moon and cascading in soft lace, was the radiant Padme'. Her hair glistened like silk, as the coiled locks draped over her shoulders and flowed down her back, framing her waist. Anakin was breathless as he stood paralyzed by this beautiful fantasy displayed before him. He watched as R2 rolled out into the yard and bleeped frantically at his mistress. Padme' knelt down to the little droid as if to reason with it like a mother would to her child. Within an instant, her attention was diverted from her chirping messenger to the tall, gallant, and archaic figure that held his stance in an unswerving devotion some ten feet away. Slowly, Padme' rose to full height and gazed at her visitor in disbelief. Was it all a dream or could it possibly be her love, her husband, her Ani that had found his way back to her? As he eased forward in her direction, Padme' realized she was no longer dreaming of this day to come. For Anakin was truly there, and she was only moments away from drowning within his robust embrace.

Her whole body trembled with anticipation as he scurried towards her. Before she could even move in his direction, she was whirling around in a daze. Anakin had swooped her up into his strong arms, dangling her legs above the soft grass as he spun her around the garden. Once the spinning stopped, she was showered in tender kisses, as her body still hovered over the blooming greens that covered Naboo's grounds. Gently, he placed her down on the leafy terrain, continuing with his affectionate kisses, longing for the sweetness of her lips to meet with his.

" I've missed you Padme'. " Whispered Anakin, between kisses, as he breathlessly spoke of his loneliness and desires.

" I couldn't bear your screams any longer. I had to be sure you were all right. I've missed you so much. " Anakin's voice deepened with every word he uttered, his heart raced as his senses drank in her enticing aroma, intoxicating him more and more with every kiss. Soon, Padme' had forgotten all that she had wanted to tell him, all that she had suffered and been through. All that mattered was their embrace. This bittersweet moment of intimacy seemed to stop the galaxy from spinning on axles. Lost in the web of desire, Padme' succumbed to Anakin's allurement. She lead him by his steel mechanical hand to the opposite side of the shuura tree where they could be hidden from wandering eyes. Slyly, Anakin smiled down at his beloved wife and delicately pressed his strong, firm body on to hers, pinning her against the tree. Both seemed to be gasping for air as their chests molded together. Gazing into each others eyes, he lowered his head to hers, just barely touching Padme's soft, voluptuous lips to his.

" How did you find me? " Questioned Padme' in a raspy voice.

" I sensed your presence, like I always have. " Replied Anakin as he gently caressed his full lips against hers.

" I've been so lonely, Anakin. " Padme' whispered ever so softly as she seductively placed her fingers between his utility belt and his leather tunic, pulling him even closer toward her body.

" My every thought has been of you, of us, together in each others arms. " Finally, she reached up and tenderly kissed his lower lip. Anakin could no longer resist her, he surrendered to the kiss and welcomed it with his own. Laying both of his hands on either side of her flawless face, he deepened his kiss with the parting of his strong lips engulfing hers and quenching his thirst for her sweetness. Moaning in ecstasy, their universe was once again perfect, as their forbidden love flourished like the gardens that surrounded them; vastly prolific and purely blissful.


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Gorgeous. I love it, it says something to the soul and is a wonderful bittersweet contrast seemingly completely out of context and therefore perfect

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