Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Jedi should not know Anger, nor Hatred, nor Love...

Theed's Spaceport was bustling with refugee vessels, transports, and the occasional local dignitaries; leaving the original hangar to be more obsolete and secluded from the public eye. The journey itself was securely secretive and discreet, as Anakin and Padme` made the voyage through the old, abandoned tunnels that ran under the city's plaza and Royal Palace. It had been a decade since Padme` last visited them, during the Blockade of Naboo. She was impressed that she still remembered her way around the maze-like caverns. Even more, Padme` was delighted to see Anakin's approval and a hint of surprise in his sparkling, blue eyes.

The somewhat abandoned hangar was located in Theed's central district, on the edge of The Great Cliffs bordering the vast and rapidly moving Solleu River that cascaded over the voluminous and grandest waterfalls, The Virdugo Plunge. Naboo's natural elements were nothing less than enchanting. Even something as common as a military airbase or starfighter shed was an impressive construction to be marveled upon. In fact, the entire planet was a majestic wonder of inconceivable beauteousness, enveloped in an array of lush, luxuriant greenery of vegetation. It was a place of timeless splendor, with an entrapment for romanticized fantasies and inviting temptation. Many have fancied a world so magnificent, with all it's vibrant flawlessness,tranquility, and ample growth for progression. To fully experience Naboo in all it's gloriousness is an awing spectacle of enthrallment. Daydreams and yearnings for people or places pass in time and so does one's perception of such frivolities, sometimes for the better.

Entangled within their cloaks embracing each other lovingly and passionately, Anakin and Padme` desperately try to cease rotation of Naboo's spinning axle as they cling to one another in an all too short, yet perfect, universe. Anakin's soft lips gently caress Padme's brow as he gathers her up into his arms, clenching her tighter with every tender kiss. Every breath he breathes seems to pierce his lungs, rekindling the sickening feel of asphyxia from his nightmarish apparitions. Anakin painfully grapples against his darkest fears, fighting back the all too surreal realization, that he is as much afraid to hold on to his brightest passion, as he is to lose it. As he inhales a jagged breath, he mutteres, " I don't want to go. " The words are cushioned by Padme's coiled, tousled mane, soothing it's tone to quiet whisper.

Looking up at him with dark, ebony pools full of adoration, a swell of empathy flooded Padme's eyes. " I know, but you must. The Republic needs you. " Though she spoke of encouragement through a politician's voice, the words her heart shuddered to hear, were nothing less than pure blasphemy.

" The Republic? " Rebutted Anakin, almost shouting as his anger bubbled to the surface, flushing his face to resemble a native Calamarian from Mon Calamari.

" And what about you? " Queried Anakin, now softer in tone, almost pitiful and somewhat childlike.

" Me? Oh Anakin.." Padme` sighed in response, nuzzling her head into his chest, coaxing him with her soothing presence before she continued to speak. " We mustn't forget WHO we are and our commitment to Democracy, just because we wish things to be different. You're a Jedi, a protector of peace, and I'm a Senator of the Republic. We must set our personal feelings aside for now......and do what is requested of us. " Once she finished, she hugged Anakin tighter as if to shield him from the painstaking truth of her statement. Why did she have to be wise for both of them? Always reminding them of the reality to their secret life, secret union; their forbidden love.

Anakin released a long, drawn out sigh as he held her closely to him, allowing the full length of his body to enclose her soft, petite, dainty frame. " I know. We must let go of our pride and do our duty. " He hated the words and they left nothing but bitterness on his palate. Releasing his grip, he let his arms fall to his side. Looking away from his seraphic love, Anakin averted his attention in another direction, resting his gazes on the Jedi starfighter that enlivened his youthful past as a heroic podracer back on Tatooine. The Delta - 7 Athersprite followed the same intricate patterns and color schemes as that of his last podracer from the Boonta Eve Classic. Anakin couldn't help remembering those long lost days without thinking of his mother; the gentle and kind Shmi. Which brought forth another nagging recollection, he hated goodbyes.

" Farewell, Milady. " Anakin's formal plea of parting was short and painfully uncomfortable. Padme` rushed toward him, placing her hand tenderly across his taut jaw-line, forcing him to look down into her deep, brown, loving eyes. " Be safe, Padme`. " Whispered Anakin as he gazed infinitely into those dark embers of compassion, drowning himself in the moment, wishing to spend an eternity there, engulfed within her magical, soothing presence.

" I am safe. As long as my Jedi husband continues to serve and protect the Republic. " Smiled Padme` as she drew herself into him, completely, surrendering her vulnerability to the public that scrambled around them. For that brief moment she allowed her true self to shine through that hardened exterior of the politician she had become. The permacrete wall crumbled as Senator Amidala drifted away, revealing Padme`; the wife of Anakin Skywalker standing in her place. " I love you and I believe in you, Anakin Skywalker. "

As her arms wrapped around his long, lean body, pulling him in closer to her embrace, Anakin was overcome by an uneasy sensation. It was overwhelming, washing over him in full force. He couldn't deny the feeling of an uncanny deja vu. Something in the words Padme` spoke, struck him with an unsettling restlessness. Even more disturbing was the view of the skyline just outside the hangar. The sun was glowing brighter than he remembered it, almost as if it were glaring at him with poignancy. Still, Anakin couldn't shake this feeling as he lingered his sights a little longer on the Naboo sky, " I've got a bad feeling about this..."

" Ani`? What is it? " Her puzzlement was apparent as she placed both of her hands on either side of Anakin's face, bringing him down to her and forcing him to lock gazes with her. " Nothing. I was just...thinking, about what you said." Responded Anakin, with an acute smile that was obviously disguising his true intentions. Lowering his lips to hers, Anakin plunged himself into denial, submerging his conflicts into his brightest passions. He washed away all his fears, allowing his love to burst forth and extinguish the fiery demons that fed off of his qualms and fueled against his discords.

When their lingering embrace came to a slow and saddened end, Padme` smiled trying to set her misgivings concerning his distant demeanor aside. Smiling back at her, Anakin placed his mechanical hand on her shoulder just barely touching the finger tips to her neck. For the first time, Padme` trembled to the touch of the cool steel and the exposed wires. Anakin's smile faded as his flaming blue eyes darkened, " I love you too, Padme`. " Were the only words he spoke before leaping aboard his Azure Angel and disappearing into the Naboo skies.

Padme` stood a while longer in the hangar, peering out into the brilliant blue skies consumed by her thoughts. "Did he sense my doubts, my fears, all that I try to hide from him; my growing and undying love that will continue to bloom even in the afterlife?" Or was the uncertainty she saw in Anakin's eyes? " It would destroy us. " He had said, so long ago, or at least it seemed. His voice back then was filled with assurance, as if he knew. "We have overcome so much together. This will work too; we'll make it work....somehow. I believe in him, I always have." Bowing her head, she wrapped her arms tightly around herself, hugging her body against the chill of the Naboo air. Rising her head once more and casting her sights into the clear blue sky, she shut her eyes and shuddered upon a new sensation that flooded her senses. The scent of dying roses from the Royal Gardens below engulfed her, sending a shrill of goose bumps down her neck and along her back. Then in the distance, she heard a whisper of the past, echoing gently, among the sweet floral breezes of the brisk winds....."He can help you...he was meant to help you."

Friday, February 16, 2007

There is no Peace, only Passion

As the murkiness of nights' blanket begins to unravel and fade over the wondrous planet of Naboo, signs of dawn separate the bleak darkness with illuminated rays of bedazzling, yet delicate, hues of chartreuse and beams of blushing pinks. These gentle streams of luster seem to glisten over the hemispherical rooftops of Theed's Palace Plaza and reflect an afterglow of shimmering scintillation across the mystifying waterfalls that cascade alongside the eastern perimeter of the beauteous Palace chassis.

With night rapidly turning into daybreak, a young Jedi stirs restlessly between sleep and consciousness. Entangled within the soft, glossy, satin fabric of the smooth sheets, Anakin wrestles inside his phantasm. The images are so vivid and vibrant that they appear to be authentic instead of moments from the past. He can actually smell the remnants of the musk and sweat from the flapping wings of the Toydarian that owned the junk-filled hovel where he seemed to be at that precise moment. As the bantha curd odor engulfed his senses, Anakin fixated his sights on the angelic figure that stood before him. Engrossed in their conversation his younger self blurted out a bold statement of emotions and an assurance of truth.

" I'm going to marry you. " The boyish, yet confidant voice echoed throughout the dwelling. In response to such an accusation, the adolescent girl couldn't help but to grin acutely and giggle to the boys' chide.

" You can't marry me, you're just a boy."
Straightening his shoulders and cocking his head, Anakin's facial expressions change within an instant. His eyes widen and darken, giving off an appearance of someone twice his age, full and ready with ardent declarations of future love.
" I won't always be. "

No sooner did he propose his betrothal for the flawless handmaiden before him, did her visage and his apparition transpose itself into another place in time. She was clothed in senatorial regalia from head to foot and positively more beautiful than he could ever imagine possible. Her lush, ebony hair coiled down her back in loose tendrils, framing a much fuller but radiant face. The sickly stench of Watto's perspiration had also vanished, leaving an aroma of sweet perfume to engulf his senses. Mesmerized in vigilance, Anakin patiently observed her every detail and demeanor. Even her exquisite beauty couldn't conceal her evident sadness. Padme`s eyes were heavy in dolefulness and painfully stewing with despair. Slowly, she strolled to a vast, bow window and peered out at the skyline.

Anakin grew impatient and longed to embrace her, yet he was motionless. His body had grown uncomfortably leaden, leaving him immobilized. The harder he tried to grapple against his paralyzed state, the more virile his barrier became. His breaths deepened and became considerably difficult, almost despondent, as if he were suffocating. Blinking feverishly, Anakin once again fought against the force that imprisoned him from reaching out to his brightest passion and rescuing her from her dreaded sorrows. As he stretched out with the Force, his vision began to flutter and fade. No longer was Padme` draped in vibrant fabrics or the apartment adorned in plush purples; it all had matted to a glowing crimson, like that of a Sith blade. Then he heard a faint voice recanting a teaching, a rule of order that was constantly instilled within him.

" You've made a commitment to the Jedi Order - a commitment not easily broken. " As Obi-wan's reverberations diminished, another immediately followed, this one was kind and feminine, soothing yet sad.

"Many things will change ...... but my caring for you will remain." As Padme`s voice echoed throughout his mind, the scarlet overcast grew dim, until suddenly, all went black.

Anakin awoke to find himself drenched in sweat, panting as if he had been running a drill or fleeing from a tribe of gundarks. Quickly, as if by reflex alone, he jolted his body and looked at the still figure that lay peacefully beside him. Anakin didn't need to see Padme`s chest move in a rhythmic pattern to know she was alive and well. Where she was concerned, his normal sense of the Force was heightened. Though he knew all that he had just experienced was a dream, it didn't wash away his fears nor his desires to possess her. As his emotions gushed, he hurried toward her, wanting to snatch her up into his arms and wash away his qualms. Just as his fingertips were about to graze her silken, ivory, naked skin, he was compelled to set his attentions on a growing, bleeping nuisance coming from beyond the confines of the private bedroom.

Jumping to his feet, he grabbed his robe and covered his unclad body. As Anakin opened the door he found himself face - to -face with Padme`s faithful astromech R2D2. Although irritated by the interruption, Anakin couldn't help but to chuckle in spite of it all. Kneeling down on one knee, he gently patted the shiny domed head of the lovable droid.

"What is it, R2?" Queried Anakin, as he discovered a recorded message that the little friend was carrying. Before Anakin had retired to the bed chamber last night, he had programmed the R2 unit to intercept any communications delivered to his comlink. Anakin fiddled with some mechanisms and retrieved the signal. It was odd; no verbal message, just a direct order to return to the Jedi Temple, immediately. Anakin grumbled with annoyance, but forced himself to flash a smile in R2's direction.
"Good job, R2. Thanks."

Bleeping and chirping happily, the little astromech rolled off and out of sight. Anakin sighed and slowly staggered back to the bedroom. How could they do this to him, to Padme`? He still had a standard day left, at least according to their layover. Unless, something had happened. But what? As Anakin questioned the reason behind his new orders, he scanned the room. The morning light paved it's way through the clandestine chamber that concealed their secret passions of forbidden love. It intruded without permission, bringing an end to indulgent temptations that yearned for the enshrouding night. As it's streams of illumination crept in and lit the room, a peculiar miscellany of glass shards littered the floor in disarray. Anakin crouched down to the uncarpeted area to inspect the uncanny muddle that was scattered throughout the secluded compartment.

"How did this happen?" wondered Anakin as he held on to a shattered picture frame. They were alone last night; he was certain of it. No one could have trespassed without his awareness. Anakin proceeded to survey the area once more as he reminisced about the romantic evening he and Padme` had just shared merely hours before. There was nothing unusual that he could recall, only that their love-making had reached an exceptional erotic height that he never perceived to be possible. Remembering the sensuous pleasures of her velvet flames that surrounded his body, her soft and subtle curves that cradled his firm physique, and her warm muffled moans against his ear still resonating in his mind, left him craving for more. Only his thoughts were cut short by a rustling of sheets and a hushed yawn.

" Anakin? Why are you... Oh my! What happened? " Asked Padme` in alarm, as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed to hurry to Anakin's side.

" No Padme`. Stay there, I don't want you to get hurt. There's broken glass everywhere. "

" Well, I can see that. But how? We were.... I mean, we ARE the only ones here, besides R2. " Explained Padme`; more to herself, trying to make heads or tails of things.

" I'm not sure. Some how, I think I may have done this. " Admitted Anakin, as he shuffled his way back to the bedstead.

Padme` arched her brow and gazed at him inquisitively. "You? I can't believe that. How?"

"Through the Force, I think." Muttered Anakin, still trying to make sense of it. If he had somehow triggered a vibration through the Force, were they the only ones who knew? Better yet, was it felt by others?

"Let's not worry about it right now..." whispered Padme`, seductively. "It's still early, come back to bed?"

Anakin couldn't resist her sultry leering flirtations, not even the Force could aid as an ally against her temptress ways. He lowered himself to the bed and slithered beneath the silken sheets, entwining his body against hers. Gently, he caressed her full lips with his own, drowning her in his hungered desires for sensual indulgence. The moment Anakin felt his consciousness slip into that pleasurable descent where his mind was no longer his own, he regained control and broke the blissful embarkment. Stunned by his abrupt behavior, Padme` gasped and gawked at Anakin in puzzlement.
"What is it? Are you ok, Ani`?"

"I'm fine. It's just that...R2 retrieved a message from my com last night." Explained Anakin, between breaths. "Requesting my immediate return to the Temple."

Padme` rose to a sitting position on the feathery bed and ran her hands through her thick tendrils. Her concern and disappointment was obvious as Anakin rushed in to cradle her and tenderly kiss her cheek.
"I'll come back, you'll see. Nothing can keep me away for long."

"I know..." Padme`hushed as she softly pecked at his voluptuous bottom lip, "I'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes, my heart will always be with you."

Once more Anakin leaned in for a kiss, this time wrapping his arms around Padme`s hips and thrusting her on top of him until her legs straddled his lap. Locking gazes upon one another as they drifted off in a blissful mesh of passionate lasciviousness, Anakin was searching for an assurance, a certainty that Padme` would not fall subject to his haunting crimson nightmare. To be sure as he was from the moment he met her, that she would indeed one day, become his wife. Yet that confidence he had felt was as vacant and empty as the day he abandoned his mother.

" What if I never see you again?" he cried in a whisper, only loud enough for Shmi to hear.

" What does your heart tell you? " She coaxed, as she always had where he was concerned.

" Yes. I hope so. " Anakin whimpered as he hugged his mom.

" We'll see each other again..." Shmi's last words trailed off in Anakin's thoughts as he cringed remembering the outcome of their last meeting. No. He wouldn't allow Padme` to fall to the same fate as his mother did, he would be there,
" I will not fail again. " No consequence was too great for Padme`s sake; this time he would pay the price.

As he tightened his grip around her, Ankain slipped deeper into Padme`s erotic enticements, allowing himself to succumb to that fateful descent of mindless pleasure and tantalizing gratification. For at that moment, nothing else mattered; not the Jedi, nor the Republic and it's Senate. All that mattered was his brightest secret, his desired possession; Padme`.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Disturbance within the Force

Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves none of these things; yet the Capital of the Republic, Coruscant, is an escapade of tribulation that tests the very core of such timeless beliefs. For it is the planet that never sleeps, an endless sphere of illumination that seems to glow with prosperity and sovereignty for all that seek an escape from the ordinary burdens of reality or delusions of grandeur.

The entire proximity of this planet's surface is covered in magnificent skyscrapers and towering buildings that seem to touch its outer atmosphere. One monumental structure, a grand but sanctuary edifice, seems uniquely misplaced by its juxtaposition; the Jedi Temple. Its layout is unobstructed to all that reside in the galaxy's capital. The five spires that encase its perimeter measure over a full kilometer higher than all the other surrounding structures that enshroud this galactic city.

One of the grandest and most mesmerizing marvels of this magnificent shrine is the room of a Thousand Fountains. Its entire capacity is cloaked in Hylain marsh bamboo, while the walkways are paved in stone, and cascading through all of this are the peaceful and pacific, rippling blue and green waters of the Force-induced waterfalls. Unlike normal waterfalls, where the water flows from its highest point and pools at its lowest, these extraordinary wonders emanate from the underbelly of this phenomenal chamber.

This place of subdued tranquility was used amongst the Jedi for contemplation, healing, and private discussions held mostly for the Jedi High Council. Though, on this particular evening, a Jedi Knight had found his way here. He needed to quiet his mind and allow the wisdom of the Force to flow through him, giving him the ability to reason and justify his reoccurring dream that kept him from serene bliss of a sleep-filled night. Obi-Wan Kenobi sat alone next to one of the small ponds that gurgled quietly as it filled its stream from the rushing waters above. Looking out of the glass encased room, he cast his sights on the nights' sky.

" The stars are so bright and their illuminated light seems to flash as if "......Obi-Wan's thoughts trailed off for a brief moment.

" dancing? Its not possible, they're circular fields of gas! Am I going mad? " He then rubbed his hands feverishly over his bearded face and growled to himself in frustration and exhaustion. These dreams that interrupted his sleep had been haunting him ever since Anakin had returned from his mandate of protecting the young, yet beautiful, Senator of Naboo; Padme` Amidala.

His sleeplessness left his thoughts in a state of unrest, yet his visions were crisp and clear in his tiresome mind. These images that appeared before him in the darkest of eve, were reveries of the past. Figments of events that took him back a decade earlier, to Naboo, where it all began. When Qui-Gon, his former Master and mentor, had lost his life to the sinister evilness of the Sith. Obi-Wan could feel his old wounds that never quite healed, not fully anyway, re-opening and filling him with regret and anger. Though, through the years Obi-Wan had learned how to channel and control this dark emotion so as to not become consumed by its heinous demise. If one were to ever stray along its fiendish path, forever would it bind and consume your destiny.

Once again, Obi-Wan goes through each and every detail of his phantasm, trying to rationalize its images as if to connect the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. He can see the Palace Gardens, lush and vibrant. He can smell its sweet nectar permeating the air, as well as hear the rumble of the voluminous waterfalls. Obi-Wan can also see the young adolescent and estranged couple that walk hand in hand along its well-groomed trail. He watches as the girl, the lovely Queen Amidala, gently kisses the small padawans' cheek and releases a shrill of girlish giggles. Yet, he does not approach them; not yet. Obi-Wan awaits patiently, lingering in the shadows, as he anticipates the padawans' reaction. The little nine year old boy seems to age before his eyes, he appears to tower over her, not in size but, in his engrossed stare. Those eyes, crystal clear and as blue as the Tatooine sky, have widened and darkened, and become fixated and ardent on the girl that stands before him. This is it, the exact moment when Obi-Wan hears ...." Anakin! " his own voice, shouting almost scolding, in tone. " I'm sorry your Highness, he will not bother you again. You have my word. " As he apologizes for his new apprentices' disrupting behavior, the Queen straightens her poise, obviously startled by the intrusion, and simply states in a lofty voice, " Anakin is no bother, Master Kenobi, he is my friend and always welcome to accompany me here on Naboo. "

After recanting these instances for what seemed to be the tenth time tonight, Obi-Wan is distracted by an overwhelming sensation. His body goes still with a penetrating force that leaves him numb, but vaguely aware, of something awry. As soon as the feeling left him another embraced him, a familiar presence was approaching him. Obi-Wan jolted to his feet in an attentive stance to greet the old, yet perspicacious, Jedi Master Yoda. The meek and meager appearance of this Jedi Master was nothing more than an illusion, for within this infinitesimal sized being, was the wisest and most powerful of all the Jedi that have come to grace the Jedi Temple.

" The stars. Watching them, are you not? " Queried the Jedi Master.

" I couldn't sleep. "
Replied an uncertain Obi-Wan. He was skeptical to reveal his dreams or the awkward feeling he had just encountered.

" Dreams, not easy to understand, cloud the mind they do. Confused you are by them. Must clear your mind of thought. Then, only then, will you know their true meaning."
Concluded Yoda. Then, without hesitation, he stepped closer to the swelling pond of pooling water. With a wave of his tri-fingered hand he parted the waters and staggered into the liquefied wedge.

" Felt something you have? "
The question was far more a statement than a conundrum.

" Yes, Master Yoda. I'm just not sure what it was or what it means for that matter. "
Corresponded the confused Obi-Wan.

" A disturbance in the Force. "
Rebutted Yoda.

" A disturbance? Do you mean...the Sith? "
Beseeched Obi-Wan.

" No. For this I am certain. "
Answered the Jedi Master, yet his facial expression showed no signs of relief or gratefulness.

" Well, that's good then, isn't it? "
Pondered Obi-Wan, probing for more information on his troublesome Force filled feelings.

Yoda then departed the wet passage and fell into place alongside his counterpart. Shaking his small head and fixating his gaze on to the tall, gallant Jedi Knight beside him, he proceeded to answer him.
" Good, you say? A point of view that is. "
Retorted the Jedi Master.

" But, Master Yoda, I don't understand. "
Obi-Wan was now agitated and even more bewildered than before.

" Clear your mind, Obi-Wan. Confused you are not. "
Rebuked Yoda. Then with a slow jounce he began to depart the miraculous room of vast vortexes. As he neared the end of the walkway he paused and allowed his voice to echo throughout the entire chamber.

" Long time have you known. To not see, chosen you have. "

As if a massive weight had been lifted from Obi-Wan's shoulders, he straightened his stance and robotic-like he answered,

" Served you well, your insights have. The path of the Chosen One, difficult will be. Choose he must. Choose he will. "
Before his shadow disappeared, Yoda ended their private commune with one final commission.

" Contact him you will. To the Temple he must return. "

With Yoda's words still fresh and unblemished in his thoughts, Obi-Wan tarried a bit longer and contemplated their conversation. The dreams of the past now seemed to make perfect sense with the tremor he and Master Yoda had shared through the Force. "It's been there since he was a boy. Now he is confused, distracted -" Obi-Wan's memories howled in his mind and meshed with all that had just transpired in the room of a Thousand Fountains. " Long time have you known. To not see, chosen you have."
Yoda was right! He chose not to see, blinded by the painful truth all along, he had turned a cold shoulder towards his padawan's authentic emotions, his worries, and most of all his credibility. Realizing this, there was no denying it, Anakin wasn't confused or distracted, he never was. Anakin, was in Love.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Love can Ignite the STARS.....

The journey through Theed's Palace Plaza was nothing more than a view of marvels for Anakin. It was even more mesmerizing under the evening sky than during the day. The rose-gold domes of the palace buildings seemed to glimmer in the moonlight. The tranquility of the roaring falls in the distance brought forth a sense of serene peacefulness. In essence, nothing had changed.

Padme's private suite inside the elegant, cathedral-like structure, was even more soothing, for it replicated and permeated the quintessence of Naboo and her own beauty that seemed to resonate throughout the apartment. Anakin couldn't help but feel comfort here. Granted the temperature was cooler than that of his home planet, Tatooine, yet he felt contentment, a sense of welcome and familiarity; he was at home.

They had spent most of the evening enjoying the festivities that engulfed Theed's streets, with a splendid view from the seclusion of Padme's domed veranda. There they watched graceful dancers, vibrant parades, and were mystified and awed by the wonders of many magicians that filled the crowded roads of this regal city.

At the moment, Anakin watched alone. Padme' had grown tired from their travels. The journey from her parent's home to her own private residential suite had proved to be physically strenuous for Padme', and fatigue was setting in. She dismissed herself briefly from their romantic rendezvous and retreated to her bedroom in search of more comfortable attire. Anakin kept his sights on the activities down below, but couldn't escape his thoughts of intimate desires that flooded his mind. Just being alone with her was driving him wild. The scent of her perfume was alluring, her silken tousled mane was a trap of enticement, her voice was a song of seduction, and her new slightly swollen curves were causing him to hunger and crave like a primitive savage predator.

The music was loud and pleasing, yet Anakin stirred with anticipation. He didn't need to listen for footsteps or the creek of a door opening and closing. Anakin felt her presence through the Force surrounding him before she even reached the veranda. Slowly, he turned in her direction, averting his eyes from the thrilling festival and casting his view on a vision that taunted his fantasies, leaving his bodily desires to ache and throb in an uncontrollable state of longing.

Padme' had retired her delicate, weak, and tired body to a silky,shimmering, silver-blue robe. The sleeves draped at the wrists like flowing wings. The silk material cascaded over her body like a magnificent water fall and pooled at her bare feet down to the floor. The neck line plunged to the center of her cleavage, revealing her ivory soft skin between three diamond shaped openings that elegantly framed her abdomen as well. Her waist was flattered by a silver ribbon, neatly tied in a bow. Anakin focused on that point, gnawing his bottom lip for restraint, while he contemplated how to unwrap the shiny gift displayed before him.

Bewildered by his facial expressions, Padme's right brow arched with inquisitiveness. As she resumed her place beside him overlooking the crowd below, she expressed her puzzlement.

"Why are you looking at me like that? "

"What look? This is how I've always looked at you." Flirted Anakin, as he wrapped his strong, mechanical arm around her decorated waist, pulling her against him and stroking her coiled tendrils with his flesh hand.

"Yes, I suppose so. Still, you have a way of making me feel ....uncomfortable." Whispered Padme'. She was flushed from head to foot, for Padme' could be completely covered in Senatorial Regalia, but when Anakin stared at her she felt as if she were stark naked in a room full of diplomats. No one has ever made her feel so vulnerable as he did. His gaze was intense and seemed to radiate through her, claiming her as his own. She craned her head up to his and met his warm, soft lips.

" Sorry, Milady. " Murmured Anakin, against the gentle kiss. The kiss was delicate with a hint of teasing torment that soared through Anakin's arousing desires. He pressed his heated lips to hers, parting his lips against her tender sweetness and igniting a burning passion that had been dormant for far too long. Padme' felt the heat rush over her, drowning her in goose bumps as his grip tightened around her waist and his kiss engulfed her in a velvet fire. Swiftly, she pressed her hands to the leather tabards of Anakin's tunic and extinguished the roaring flames of desire.

Anakin gasped as he panted roughly above Padme's face. Anakin couldn't hide his confusion or his irritation. Her eyes were heavy with longing and yet coated in concern.

" I'm sorry, Ani'. We can't, I mean I can't....the medics say I must wait a certain amount of time before...." Padme's words trailed off as Anakin interrupted her uncomfortable explanation.

" It's Ok, Padme'. I understand." Said Anakin. As he kissed the top of her lush dark hair. She gazed up at him and wondered silently, " Do you? Do you know how much I want you in my bed right now? To rip your robes to shreds and to show you just how much I missed you, longed for you,and hungered for your touch everyday since you'd gone? "

"I'm going to retire now, come to bed?"As Padme' spoke of an innocent gesture, her tone was slightly sultry and seductive. Anakin stared at her, baffled by her suggestion. Padme' realized what she had said and how it must have sounded and immediately began to blush with embarrassment. Acknowledging Padme's uneasiness, Anakin chuckled softly and began to answer her.

"You go on ahead. I'll be there shortly."

Padme' couldn't hide her disappointment and let out a small wince.
He pulled her to him once more and nuzzled his face in her floral perfumed mane. Charmingly, he admitted to his heated awakenings that stirred restlessly within his hardened body.

"Give me some time to ...cool down. I won't be long, promise."

Padme' smiled and stroked his cheek. Anakin placed his hand over hers and pressed her palm to his lips as he caressed it with a kiss. Watching her walk down the hall to her bedroom, he couldn't help but to fixate his sights on her curving hips as they swiveled and swayed to her own seductive rhythm. He groaned in desirable agony. He needed to cool his arousing emotions, so he began discarding his clothing. Soon, he was down to only his trousers as he stepped even further out on to the veranda. Leaning over the rail, he welcomed the cool, misty air from the constant rolling waterfalls. As the minutes passed, the celebrations below had dwindled down to a distant hum and Anakin felt pleasantly numb from the frosty night chill. With a certainty that sleep should have fallen upon Padme', he began the slow walk that would lead him to her secluded bed.

The door was left open when Anakin entered the moonlit room. He approached the oval terrace that was allowing the glow to illuminate its surroundings. The view from that perching porch was mesmerizing. Standing there, one would have a perfect vision of the Grand Palace and the glorious waterfall that graced its eastern perimeter. Anakin couldn't help but to trail the silvery glow from the moonlight. As his eyes followed its path, he was captivated by the shimmers' destination. There, alone on a circular bed, was Padme'. Encased by the nights' stars was his mythical angel. Only she appeared less seraphic than he remembered. This angel that lay before him seem to stir and invoke the most intimate of forbidden temptations he had ever come to feel. The robe she wore spanned out to either side of her, revealing her legs in their entirety. They were slightly arched and joined together at the knee. Anakin felt his heart pound against his chest as he breathed deeply, taking in her aroma as it flooded his senses.

He approached the bed and sat himself in front of her naked feet. Placing the flesh of his hand around her ankle he began to gently caress her silken skin. There would be no stopping him now that he was certain. It took every ounce of the Force to restrain himself from selfishly ravaging her beautiful body in an animalistic lustful manner. By the time he had reached her knees, Padme's eyes fluttered open. To his surprise, she didn't stop him. She allowed her head to sink deeply into the feathery pillow beneath her as she welcomed Anakin's intimate touch. His mechanical fingers grazed over her knee and worked their way toward her hip, leaving white scratch marks where they had once been. Bringing himself to his knees, he gently parted her smooth legs as his hands reached for her most treasured possession and the sole center of his yearning desires.

Padme' reached for his hands and pulled herself up to meet him. She met his intense stare once again and returned it with one of her own. As her eyes looked over his newly defined chest, her long fingers traced delicate patterns over every muscle and curve. She bit at her bottom lip as her hand caressed the thickness of his thigh and its strong firmness. The war had chiseled away his boyishness and brought forth a manly physique. One she so desperately wanted to unwrap, to handle the gift that was being bestowed before her. Impulsively, she hooked her thumbs inside the waist of his trousers and tugged feverishly. Anakin was thrown a bit off balance by her aggressiveness as he straightened his posture and welcomed her curiosity.

Once she had finished discarding the garment that entrapped her present, he began to unravel his own precious gift. Though, unlike his impatient wife, he decided to relish the moment as he bowed his head to her robe. There, at her waist, he placed his lips and teeth over the satin ribbon that fastened the silky fabric covering her body. Anakin was pleased to watch her wriggle and squirm beneath him as he untangled the fancy loops that enclosed her robe. As he removed the slippery cloth from her body, his palms grazed over her supple curves and brought forth delightful cries from Padme' as she lay below him. He couldn't restrain himself any longer and lowered his body on to hers and kissed her without touching her lips. The velvet fire of his passion ignited within her, slowly at first, with long, gliding strides. Padme's cries grew louder and excited him beyond his self-control. His rhythms quickened and his strides deepened as he let go of the Force that held on to his restraints.

Everything inside Padme's isolated chambers, the frivolous ornaments that graced the elaborate shelves to the framed portraits that decked the walls, began to quiver and shake. The ornate antiques that were loosely displayed on mantles fell and shattered into tiny pieces on the floor. So entranced in their love-making, neither one took notice of the strangely uncanny phenomenon taking place around them.

As Anakin continued to release his burning passions deeper into Padme's most wanted place, he was adamant in his quest. He wanted to give her something no one else could and something only he was capable of giving. Anakin wished for the stars; he wanted them to rain down on her and bestow their eternal glow upon her every shrill of forbidden delight. As he looked into the gentle, dark ebony pools that gazed up at him, he saw them shimmer and twinkle like the thousands of systems he himself had once wished to see. They continued to shine brighter with every shriek, until both shared a cry of climactic ecstasy. As he lie there staring into her loving eyes, Anakin could swear he saw the millions of stars from the millions of systems....dance.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Secret Love is bestowed a Silent Blessing....

As the first signs of twilight appear over the distant horizon and rumbling falls, the young, passionate couple subside their intimate desires as they approach the quaint, yet humble, abode. The Naberrie homestead was modest, yet elegantly decorative, with a warm and cozy appeal to its subtle humbleness. Vast windows filled the dining area, allowing the gentle glow of the Naboo sky to light the room. The colors used throughout the home were soft and pleasing, giving off a sense of flowing calmness. Even the furniture had a homey feel, yet conservative and up to date in Theed's modern styles.

Dinner was just being served as Padme' and Anakin entered the spacious nook. Jobal and Sola were carrying bowls and platters of colorfully, delectable foods. The aroma from the unique variety of entrees was enticing. Anakin couldn't help but savor the scents that permeated the room. Jobal smiled and nodded at both of them, indicating for them to take their seats and help themselves to the bountiful spread that lay before them.

Ruwee, Padme's father, insisted that Anakin try the duck, glazed in a topatoe cream sauce. Anakin grinned with acceptance and added a rather healthy heaping to his place setting. Almost immediately after that, Ruwee passed a mug of Gralish Liqueur in front of Anakin, setting it down with a loud and heavy thump. Anakin couldn't help but to lean forward, peering into the large cup, as if to smell the liquid concoction placed before him. Ruwee smiled astutely, and let out a hearty chuckle.
" Go ahead, my boy, it'll put hair on that boyish face of yours. "

Anakin bit his tongue, refraining from his normal defensive demeanor, for this was Padme's father and he had no intentions to displease him and least of all, Padme'. Feeling a hearty swat on the back, Anakin realized that the man was just delivering some friendly banter and bringing some fun to the table.
Even though the Naberries were all for dismissing formalities, Jobal would not stand for rude, improper behaviors at her dining table and she flashed a glare in Ruwee's direction, letting him know that she disapproved of his horse-play. Then, smiling at their guest, Jobal passed another platter Anakin's way.

" Eat, eat, you must be famished. It's not like we can feed the table scraps to the R2 unit. "

Anakin smiled as he laughed at Jobal's humor and gratefully scooped another helping of sweetened yams to his plate.

" At least someone appreciates my jokes. " Proclaimed Jobal as she seated herself amongst her family at the long rectangular table.

" Dear, the boy is just being polite, now pass me some more of that duck. " Laughed Ruwee as he extended his arms.

" Fine, you can have more of that bird to go along with your foul mouth. Oh, and you my dear, get no Beebleberry pie. " Smirked Jobal.

Ruwee grimaced with a shrug, then he twitched his back and shoulders against the oblong backing of his chair. For the remainder of the meal, he was quiet and concentrated on his plate in front of him. As everyone seemed to finish, there was a small conversation going on between Padme' and Sola concerning her short stay on Naboo. As Padme' gracefully sipped her warm cup of stimcaf, she broke the news.

" I think I should spend the remainder of my brief leave outside the Palace Plaza at my apartment. My strength is almost fully restored. Besides, Anakin can help me get settled. " Padme' firmly placed her mug down on the table and folded her hands in front of her, awaiting her family's response.

Suddenly, there were multiple outbursts of conservation all at once. Mainly surrounding the three women who sat towards the far end of the table in a triangular pattern, with Jobal at the peak, leaving Padme' and Sola on either side of her. Ruwee and Anakin sat silently, both shoveling mounds of food in their mouths, so they would have a legitimate reason not to respond if called upon to intervene. Finally, Ruwee pushed himself away from the table, gesturing for Anakin to follow him outside to the front terrace that graced the secluded alley way.

Once outside, the sweet perfume of nectar and the fresh ocean breezes engulfed Anakin's senses, leaving him to feel somewhat rejuvenated. Following Ruwee's lead, Anakin sat down on a step beside the man and nervously began to twiddle his mechanical and flesh fingers.

" By the looks of things, it's worse than what I had gathered it to be."
Ruwee spoke as he nodded at Anakin's new appendage.

" Oh, this? It has nothing to do with the war. This was more of a result from a one on one negotiation. " Stammered Anakin. He was caught off guard with Ruwee's inquiry and a bit embarrassed too, as he hugged the durasteel arm closer to his body.

" Well, either way, I am grateful for you and the others who risk their lives daily to protect my loved ones, especially my Padme', for she is closer to the danger then anyone and very dear to my heart." As Ruwee spoke to Anakin, his eyes were filled with much love accompanied by a swelling of tears. Anakin could feel his emotional pain and his fatherly pride for his daughters' accomplishments.
" We are keepers of the peace. We will do what we must. " Assured Anakin.

" I prayed that someday you'd come. Still.....it's hard to let go of something so precious."
Said Ruwee, obviously no longer talking about the war and its events. Anakin locked gazes with the man, the father of his secret wife. Swallowing hard and uncomfortably, Anakin was unsure of what he was going to say next.

" It's ironic, I lost her years ago to politics, starting with the legislative program. Now I feel I am losing her all over again. " Ruwee's words echoed inside Anakin's soul, so bold yet so honest and genuine. He felt suffocated in his realization that Ruwee knew the truth; somehow, he knew. Anakin had to say something, he felt it. It was a need to divert and abort all related ideas and thoughts; immediately.

" I..I don't know...what you're talking about, Sir. The Senator has never been more devoted to her people and their ideals. " Burst Anakin, trying to stay focused on the political issues rather than personal matters.

" Don't play coy with me, young Jedi. I may be old, but I'm not blind." Smirked Ruwee, as he continued to explain his findings. " I've known since the day she brought you here. A father knows his daughter. She didn't have to say a word. I saw it in her eyes. Those bedroom eyes haven't shined so bright since...well, since she was accepted to the Legislative Youth Program. " He sniffled as he spoke, wiping away a fallen tear that had sneaked down his cheek.

" Sir, I'm a Jedi. Such things are forbidden to me, I could never...we could. There are rules that I must obey...." Anakin's words trailed off as he stammered, trying his best to explain his commitment to the Order. The harder he tried, the more nothing would come, leaving only emptiness and lies on the tip of his tongue.

" You are in love with her, aren't you? " Blurted Ruwee.

The question was so bold, throwing Anakin completely off balance. He felt his jaw tighten, as he clenched his fists, not in anger, but in astonishment. Without thinking, as if on impulse, he rose to his feet, towering over the man now sitting below him.
" I've given my life to the Jedi Order. " Anakin said slowly and sternly, meaning every word. " But I'd only give up my life for her, for Padme'."

As Anakin honestly admitted his adoration for Padme', she appeared from the elegant foyer and stepped out on to the terrace. She wore an expression of bewilderment as she approached the startled men. Anakin couldn't help but feel a wave a relief washing over him in her presence. His posture straightened and he felt buoyant once again, ready to take on the whole galaxy by himself. It was as if he were seeing her for the first time. She was positively beautiful, the most graceful creature he had ever seen. Anakin's heart raced as his breath quickened, he was so full of love and it was noticeably apparent. He hastily approached her and snatched up her luggage. Then, he stood before her, hovering only inches away from her radiant face.

" Here Milady, let me. You shouldn't be lifting that in your condition."

" Thank you, Anakin." Padme's appreciation was spoken in a confused tone and she appeared to be somewhat dazed by his carefree behavior.

" You're welcome, My Lady. " The words he spoke were normal formality procedure, but the hint beneath them, were laced in possessiveness.

Padme's jaw dropped in shock over his frivolous antics. Hoping that no one else had caught the obvious flirtatious remark, she dismissed it and lovingly hugged her father as she said her goodbyes. As the young couple departed from the family's residence, accompanied by a bleeping R2 unit, Ruwee and Jobal held each other in a tight embrace, vigilantly looking on after them.
" Do you think she'll be alright, Ruwee?"

" She couldn't be safer."

" How can you be so sure?" Queried the inquisitive Jobal.

" He's a Jedi. His loyalties lie with the Republic." Answered Ruwee. In his thoughts, he went on to say, " and his heart lies in the palms of our daughters' hands."

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Love can blossom like a Rose, yet its thorns can purge its darkest Secrets...

As the early evening air rolls in along the vast lakes of Naboo, it engulfs the city's inhabitants with a refreshing coolness and a sweet fragrance of flowers, permeating its gentle breezes. It truly is a remarkable and yet majestic paradise, full of vivacious splendor, from its magnificent seas to the bountiful meadows that encase this wondrous planet.

Still entranced in their own private universe, Padme' and Anakin rest their heads together and lovingly gaze into one another's eyes. The couple remains in the confines of the shadows, cast by the shuura trees lush, leafy branches. Anakin affectionately fondles Padme's silken fingers, as he cradles her soft hands in his. Gently he nuzzles them to his chiseled jaw line, then slowly and passionately he caresses her palms with his warm lips. Padme' can't help her impulsive swooning and finds herself melting, more and more to his alluring gestures. Yet she has an uneasy sensation in the very core of her stomach, filled only with sorrowful dread, leaving that empty pit to gyrate with queasiness. It didn't take her gifted husband long to realize that something else consumed her thoughts other than his seductive flirtations.

" What is it? What's wrong?" Asked Anakin. "

His query was filled with impatience and concern. He knew she wasn't well, though he didn't know its cause or the severity of its origin. Padme's hesitation only added to his anxiety.She abruptly let go of his hands, wrapping one arm around her own waist and placing her other hand firmly on her graceful neck. Padme' felt nauseous as a lump formed in her throat, making it difficult to swallow, let alone breathe.

"I don't know where to begin, or how to tell you...." Padme's words trailed off as tears pooled in her large, dark, wistful eyes. The very thought of telling Anakin that another precious life has been taken from him without his ability to contain it or control its destiny, chilled her to the bone and dimmed her soul.

"Whatever it is, I can fix it, I'm here now, you no longer have to worry, about anything." Anakin's voice was deeper and louder now, almost demanding in tone.
No matter the extremity of her illness, he would be able to remedy the infection, injury, or complication. If necessary, he would call upon the force to heal her completely.

Looking at him directly, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. She knew he loved her and only wanted to help her, but he was clueless to the severity of the situation. His whole demeanor, of being able to fix whatever was broken, left Padme' baffled and agitated.

"Ani', I'm not a speeder in need of repair. Nor am I a droid that needs to be rewired. Some times there are things that no ONE can fix!" Burst Padme'.

She knew her voice was cold and her words were harsh, yet she felt her outburst would be the only way to get her point across and through his arrogance. Even so, not a single moment after her explosive verbal lashing, did she regret it and wish to turn back in time. The look on his face alone was enough to pierce her heart and stop it from beating. She reached out to him, laying her hand along his cheek until his eyes found hers once again.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. You're only trying to help me. I love you all the more for that, but what has happened to me cannot be mended." Padme's voice was tender and only a shy away from a whisper, laced in tears that spilled over her eyes and cascaded down her radiant face.

"I want to make you well. Let me help you? What can I do?" Anakin was desperate in his need to overcome their obstacles; it was a need to prove himself, never to fail again. He pulled her close, tightening his embrace around her, nestling his face in her lush, coiled mane. It was at that precise moment, he felt something; a distinct, all too familiar feeling, one he never wished to feel again. His insides twisted, and his blood seemed to grow cold, as he shuddered in the depths of his own fears that never ceased to haunt his soul. Everything around him seemed to move in slow motion, like something out of a dream as she began to tell him the painful truth surrounding her health. Padme's face was buried into his chest, as her soft, sobbing, and woeful voice spoke to his heart.

"My body wasn't responding to the change. I didn't even know what was happening at the time. I never even knew I was carrying our love's gift until I lost it....Anakin, I miscarried." Padme' couldn't hold her normally unfaltering poise any longer; she grew weary and collapsed in Anakin's arms in an uncontrollable state of sobs. In a brief moment of shock, he froze, holding her limp body to his paralyzed, hard exterior. Blinking feverishly, he awoke from his daze, swooping his arms under and over his mourning wife and lifting her up, resting her tightly against his chest. Next to the shuura tree, was a small, marbled and decorative bench, where he finally sat and cradled her slumped, feeble body. Averting his eyes upward, toward the heavenly skies of Naboo, he silently asked, "WHY?" How could the force not help in matters such as these? How can the force itself be found within all things and yet cannot be controlled? Then his thoughts wandered farther, to a time that seemed so long ago, to a small hut in Mos Espa. There he remembered and heard a voice, gentle, and sweet; it was singing to him. He could almost feel her strong, yet tender hands, massaging his shoulders as she sung her lullaby to ease his sorrows away. Lost within the memory, he too began to sing and sway as he did when he was wrapped in Shmi's soothing embrace.

Padme' looked up in astonishment, was this really her Ani' singing? It was beautiful! She never knew that he could sing; and so well, too. She gazed at his incredibly handsome face. It was as if he were somewhere else, in a different time perhaps, for his brilliant blue eyes were tightly shut, leaving only his long, lush, dark lashes to line the curves of their glorious frame.

As the comforting tune came to a close, Anakin returned to the here and now, only to find his wife quiet and staring up at him in amazement. Taking a minute to realize what had just happened, he blushed in embarrassment. Padme' couldn't help but to smile up at him and stroke his warm, soft, face.

"That was absolutely beautiful, Anakin. Where did you learn to sing like that?" Padme' was intrigued and captivated by this new found talent of his.

"Um...my Mother. She, well, WE always sang together. It was the one thing we could do that didn't cost us anything." Answered a very red and flustered Anakin.

"Thank you for sharing that with me. It means a lot to me." Padme' graced him with a tender kiss on his cheek as an added thank you.

No sooner did Anakin receive this precious kiss, did they hear a voice calling Padme's name, beckoning her to come inside. Looking at each other in bewilderment, they quickly shifted their bodies around, she remained seated and he stood tall, at attention. Anakin turned his sights back to Padme', he seemed to be hesitant in his movements before he continued onward toward the house. "Padme'?"

"Yes, Anakin."

"Do they know? Your family, do they know what happened?"

"No. My health records are confidential."

"What DID you tell them?"

Padme' gazed long and hard at Anakin's fretful eyes. As concerned as he was for her safety, he also worried about their secret surrounding their forbidden love.

"Appendicitis. The truth would prompt too many questions, ones I do not wish to answer, especially to my family." Answered Padme', in an almost shameful whisper.

She despised being deceitful to her family, especially about her health, for she knew how much her mother worried about her. Knowing this, and her disgustful feelings soaring through her, she knew it was time to part company and leave her family's home.

"Ani', please take me to my apartment, outside the Palace Plaza?"

"When? Now?" Anakin couldn't hide the excitement behind his voice, even though he tried to contain it.

"Tonight. Let's at least have dinner with my family, all right?" Suggested Padme'.

Anakin bowed slightly, and extended his hand to her. As she accepted his hard, mechanical hand, she rose before him, taking her place by his side.

"As you wish, Milady." Mused Anakin, as he tenderly kissed her hand and then placed it under his arm, pressing it firmly against his newly defined biceps. Padme' couldn't help but to giggle at his playful antics, for it was refreshing to laugh, at least for a little while.

Together they walked, arm in arm, and mirroring one another's steps, they strolled up the cobbled stone path to the glass veranda door. "Soon" she thought, "I'll be alone with my Love, my Ani', my Husband. "

"Possibly" she thought some more, "we might even be able to enjoy Theed's Festivities later this evening." Just the idea gave her stomach a tingling appeal, and her face showed her private joy, for it glowed, crimson and bright, just like one of the Twin Suns that graced the atmosphere of Anakin's home planet, Tatooine.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Paths we choose, Pave our Destiny...

The streets of Theed were vibrant in rich, vivid colors and the homes were decorated with lush, leafy vines, that seemed to flourish without end. Anakins' stroll was more of a swift jog, as he paved his way through the maze-like city. Normally, he would pause and soak up the scenery of this majestic paradise, but his thoughts were completely focused on something more mesmerizing; Padme'. As his pace quickened, his senses were so fixated and attuned that he could practically feel her soothing presence and smell the sweet, floral scents that perfumed her lustrous, ebony hair. He was so close to her, and yet he felt systems away, his need to hold her, to possess her, only grew with each leap toward his destination; the Naberrie homestead.

His body nearly jolted forward as he halted in the small alley outside the modest house. He was captivated by the two small, cherub girls, that played out front with an all-too familiar R2 unit. The screeching little angels recognized the Jedi immediately, and joyfully skipped over to him. They encircled him with a playful dance and a silly song, with R2 treading happily behind. Anakin blushed as he knelt down to pat the domed head of the astromech. With all the ruckus and commotion, a slender, dark-haired woman appeared on the doorstep. Anakin had to take a double look in order to decipher who this person was. Shuddering after a deep exhale, he realized it was Sola, his love's sister. Her stare was inquisitive with an added gaze of astonishment, as she vigilantly gaped in his direction.

Anakin approached the porch that perched the lovely Sola. She averted her eyes to her children and called out to them, beckoning them to come inside for supper. Then once again, she cast her sights back to the tall, strapping, young Jedi. Ever so slightly, Anakin lowered himself to a polite bow, beaming one of his charming crooked smiles her way. Sola seemed tense, as she gripped the decorative hand rail that bordered the terrace. Straightening her graceful frame, resembling her younger sister, she queried his unexpected arrival.

"Anakin Skywalker? Is there something wrong? Who sent you?" Sola spoke with such haste, that the impression of grave concern was obviously apparent. Moving closer to the elevated stoop, Anakin shook his head in assurance that no one knew of his whereabouts. Then he tilted his head up in her direction, gaining her undying attention before he answered her dubious uncertainty.

" I've come to see Padme'. Is she alright?" Whispered Anakin. Now it was he who displayed a state of anxiety.

" Padme' has been under a great deal of stress, Anakin. She's feeling better every day now. She's out back in the garden. " As Sola responded to Anakin's question, his facial expressions and bodily demeanor changed drastically. He appeared as if he were having difficulty swallowing the confirmation of this news. As he shuffled off toward the rear of the house, he glanced once more at Sola and nodded his head, showing his appreciation for her kindness.

As he turned the corner, he was captivated by the seraphic vision that engulfed his view. The gardens were lush and bountiful as it surrounded the entire estate. As serene as nature was to a force-connected soul, nothing was more tranquil than the angel that stood still in the thick of it. There, next to a shuura tree, dressed in an elegant day gown, shimmering like a silvery moon and cascading in soft lace, was the radiant Padme'. Her hair glistened like silk, as the coiled locks draped over her shoulders and flowed down her back, framing her waist. Anakin was breathless as he stood paralyzed by this beautiful fantasy displayed before him. He watched as R2 rolled out into the yard and bleeped frantically at his mistress. Padme' knelt down to the little droid as if to reason with it like a mother would to her child. Within an instant, her attention was diverted from her chirping messenger to the tall, gallant, and archaic figure that held his stance in an unswerving devotion some ten feet away. Slowly, Padme' rose to full height and gazed at her visitor in disbelief. Was it all a dream or could it possibly be her love, her husband, her Ani that had found his way back to her? As he eased forward in her direction, Padme' realized she was no longer dreaming of this day to come. For Anakin was truly there, and she was only moments away from drowning within his robust embrace.

Her whole body trembled with anticipation as he scurried towards her. Before she could even move in his direction, she was whirling around in a daze. Anakin had swooped her up into his strong arms, dangling her legs above the soft grass as he spun her around the garden. Once the spinning stopped, she was showered in tender kisses, as her body still hovered over the blooming greens that covered Naboo's grounds. Gently, he placed her down on the leafy terrain, continuing with his affectionate kisses, longing for the sweetness of her lips to meet with his.

" I've missed you Padme'. " Whispered Anakin, between kisses, as he breathlessly spoke of his loneliness and desires.

" I couldn't bear your screams any longer. I had to be sure you were all right. I've missed you so much. " Anakin's voice deepened with every word he uttered, his heart raced as his senses drank in her enticing aroma, intoxicating him more and more with every kiss. Soon, Padme' had forgotten all that she had wanted to tell him, all that she had suffered and been through. All that mattered was their embrace. This bittersweet moment of intimacy seemed to stop the galaxy from spinning on axles. Lost in the web of desire, Padme' succumbed to Anakin's allurement. She lead him by his steel mechanical hand to the opposite side of the shuura tree where they could be hidden from wandering eyes. Slyly, Anakin smiled down at his beloved wife and delicately pressed his strong, firm body on to hers, pinning her against the tree. Both seemed to be gasping for air as their chests molded together. Gazing into each others eyes, he lowered his head to hers, just barely touching Padme's soft, voluptuous lips to his.

" How did you find me? " Questioned Padme' in a raspy voice.

" I sensed your presence, like I always have. " Replied Anakin as he gently caressed his full lips against hers.

" I've been so lonely, Anakin. " Padme' whispered ever so softly as she seductively placed her fingers between his utility belt and his leather tunic, pulling him even closer toward her body.

" My every thought has been of you, of us, together in each others arms. " Finally, she reached up and tenderly kissed his lower lip. Anakin could no longer resist her, he surrendered to the kiss and welcomed it with his own. Laying both of his hands on either side of her flawless face, he deepened his kiss with the parting of his strong lips engulfing hers and quenching his thirst for her sweetness. Moaning in ecstasy, their universe was once again perfect, as their forbidden love flourished like the gardens that surrounded them; vastly prolific and purely blissful.