Friday, February 16, 2007

There is no Peace, only Passion

As the murkiness of nights' blanket begins to unravel and fade over the wondrous planet of Naboo, signs of dawn separate the bleak darkness with illuminated rays of bedazzling, yet delicate, hues of chartreuse and beams of blushing pinks. These gentle streams of luster seem to glisten over the hemispherical rooftops of Theed's Palace Plaza and reflect an afterglow of shimmering scintillation across the mystifying waterfalls that cascade alongside the eastern perimeter of the beauteous Palace chassis.

With night rapidly turning into daybreak, a young Jedi stirs restlessly between sleep and consciousness. Entangled within the soft, glossy, satin fabric of the smooth sheets, Anakin wrestles inside his phantasm. The images are so vivid and vibrant that they appear to be authentic instead of moments from the past. He can actually smell the remnants of the musk and sweat from the flapping wings of the Toydarian that owned the junk-filled hovel where he seemed to be at that precise moment. As the bantha curd odor engulfed his senses, Anakin fixated his sights on the angelic figure that stood before him. Engrossed in their conversation his younger self blurted out a bold statement of emotions and an assurance of truth.

" I'm going to marry you. " The boyish, yet confidant voice echoed throughout the dwelling. In response to such an accusation, the adolescent girl couldn't help but to grin acutely and giggle to the boys' chide.

" You can't marry me, you're just a boy."
Straightening his shoulders and cocking his head, Anakin's facial expressions change within an instant. His eyes widen and darken, giving off an appearance of someone twice his age, full and ready with ardent declarations of future love.
" I won't always be. "

No sooner did he propose his betrothal for the flawless handmaiden before him, did her visage and his apparition transpose itself into another place in time. She was clothed in senatorial regalia from head to foot and positively more beautiful than he could ever imagine possible. Her lush, ebony hair coiled down her back in loose tendrils, framing a much fuller but radiant face. The sickly stench of Watto's perspiration had also vanished, leaving an aroma of sweet perfume to engulf his senses. Mesmerized in vigilance, Anakin patiently observed her every detail and demeanor. Even her exquisite beauty couldn't conceal her evident sadness. Padme`s eyes were heavy in dolefulness and painfully stewing with despair. Slowly, she strolled to a vast, bow window and peered out at the skyline.

Anakin grew impatient and longed to embrace her, yet he was motionless. His body had grown uncomfortably leaden, leaving him immobilized. The harder he tried to grapple against his paralyzed state, the more virile his barrier became. His breaths deepened and became considerably difficult, almost despondent, as if he were suffocating. Blinking feverishly, Anakin once again fought against the force that imprisoned him from reaching out to his brightest passion and rescuing her from her dreaded sorrows. As he stretched out with the Force, his vision began to flutter and fade. No longer was Padme` draped in vibrant fabrics or the apartment adorned in plush purples; it all had matted to a glowing crimson, like that of a Sith blade. Then he heard a faint voice recanting a teaching, a rule of order that was constantly instilled within him.

" You've made a commitment to the Jedi Order - a commitment not easily broken. " As Obi-wan's reverberations diminished, another immediately followed, this one was kind and feminine, soothing yet sad.

"Many things will change ...... but my caring for you will remain." As Padme`s voice echoed throughout his mind, the scarlet overcast grew dim, until suddenly, all went black.

Anakin awoke to find himself drenched in sweat, panting as if he had been running a drill or fleeing from a tribe of gundarks. Quickly, as if by reflex alone, he jolted his body and looked at the still figure that lay peacefully beside him. Anakin didn't need to see Padme`s chest move in a rhythmic pattern to know she was alive and well. Where she was concerned, his normal sense of the Force was heightened. Though he knew all that he had just experienced was a dream, it didn't wash away his fears nor his desires to possess her. As his emotions gushed, he hurried toward her, wanting to snatch her up into his arms and wash away his qualms. Just as his fingertips were about to graze her silken, ivory, naked skin, he was compelled to set his attentions on a growing, bleeping nuisance coming from beyond the confines of the private bedroom.

Jumping to his feet, he grabbed his robe and covered his unclad body. As Anakin opened the door he found himself face - to -face with Padme`s faithful astromech R2D2. Although irritated by the interruption, Anakin couldn't help but to chuckle in spite of it all. Kneeling down on one knee, he gently patted the shiny domed head of the lovable droid.

"What is it, R2?" Queried Anakin, as he discovered a recorded message that the little friend was carrying. Before Anakin had retired to the bed chamber last night, he had programmed the R2 unit to intercept any communications delivered to his comlink. Anakin fiddled with some mechanisms and retrieved the signal. It was odd; no verbal message, just a direct order to return to the Jedi Temple, immediately. Anakin grumbled with annoyance, but forced himself to flash a smile in R2's direction.
"Good job, R2. Thanks."

Bleeping and chirping happily, the little astromech rolled off and out of sight. Anakin sighed and slowly staggered back to the bedroom. How could they do this to him, to Padme`? He still had a standard day left, at least according to their layover. Unless, something had happened. But what? As Anakin questioned the reason behind his new orders, he scanned the room. The morning light paved it's way through the clandestine chamber that concealed their secret passions of forbidden love. It intruded without permission, bringing an end to indulgent temptations that yearned for the enshrouding night. As it's streams of illumination crept in and lit the room, a peculiar miscellany of glass shards littered the floor in disarray. Anakin crouched down to the uncarpeted area to inspect the uncanny muddle that was scattered throughout the secluded compartment.

"How did this happen?" wondered Anakin as he held on to a shattered picture frame. They were alone last night; he was certain of it. No one could have trespassed without his awareness. Anakin proceeded to survey the area once more as he reminisced about the romantic evening he and Padme` had just shared merely hours before. There was nothing unusual that he could recall, only that their love-making had reached an exceptional erotic height that he never perceived to be possible. Remembering the sensuous pleasures of her velvet flames that surrounded his body, her soft and subtle curves that cradled his firm physique, and her warm muffled moans against his ear still resonating in his mind, left him craving for more. Only his thoughts were cut short by a rustling of sheets and a hushed yawn.

" Anakin? Why are you... Oh my! What happened? " Asked Padme` in alarm, as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed to hurry to Anakin's side.

" No Padme`. Stay there, I don't want you to get hurt. There's broken glass everywhere. "

" Well, I can see that. But how? We were.... I mean, we ARE the only ones here, besides R2. " Explained Padme`; more to herself, trying to make heads or tails of things.

" I'm not sure. Some how, I think I may have done this. " Admitted Anakin, as he shuffled his way back to the bedstead.

Padme` arched her brow and gazed at him inquisitively. "You? I can't believe that. How?"

"Through the Force, I think." Muttered Anakin, still trying to make sense of it. If he had somehow triggered a vibration through the Force, were they the only ones who knew? Better yet, was it felt by others?

"Let's not worry about it right now..." whispered Padme`, seductively. "It's still early, come back to bed?"

Anakin couldn't resist her sultry leering flirtations, not even the Force could aid as an ally against her temptress ways. He lowered himself to the bed and slithered beneath the silken sheets, entwining his body against hers. Gently, he caressed her full lips with his own, drowning her in his hungered desires for sensual indulgence. The moment Anakin felt his consciousness slip into that pleasurable descent where his mind was no longer his own, he regained control and broke the blissful embarkment. Stunned by his abrupt behavior, Padme` gasped and gawked at Anakin in puzzlement.
"What is it? Are you ok, Ani`?"

"I'm fine. It's just that...R2 retrieved a message from my com last night." Explained Anakin, between breaths. "Requesting my immediate return to the Temple."

Padme` rose to a sitting position on the feathery bed and ran her hands through her thick tendrils. Her concern and disappointment was obvious as Anakin rushed in to cradle her and tenderly kiss her cheek.
"I'll come back, you'll see. Nothing can keep me away for long."

"I know..." Padme`hushed as she softly pecked at his voluptuous bottom lip, "I'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes, my heart will always be with you."

Once more Anakin leaned in for a kiss, this time wrapping his arms around Padme`s hips and thrusting her on top of him until her legs straddled his lap. Locking gazes upon one another as they drifted off in a blissful mesh of passionate lasciviousness, Anakin was searching for an assurance, a certainty that Padme` would not fall subject to his haunting crimson nightmare. To be sure as he was from the moment he met her, that she would indeed one day, become his wife. Yet that confidence he had felt was as vacant and empty as the day he abandoned his mother.

" What if I never see you again?" he cried in a whisper, only loud enough for Shmi to hear.

" What does your heart tell you? " She coaxed, as she always had where he was concerned.

" Yes. I hope so. " Anakin whimpered as he hugged his mom.

" We'll see each other again..." Shmi's last words trailed off in Anakin's thoughts as he cringed remembering the outcome of their last meeting. No. He wouldn't allow Padme` to fall to the same fate as his mother did, he would be there,
" I will not fail again. " No consequence was too great for Padme`s sake; this time he would pay the price.

As he tightened his grip around her, Ankain slipped deeper into Padme`s erotic enticements, allowing himself to succumb to that fateful descent of mindless pleasure and tantalizing gratification. For at that moment, nothing else mattered; not the Jedi, nor the Republic and it's Senate. All that mattered was his brightest secret, his desired possession; Padme`.


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