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Forbidden Love Chapter 14

Senator Padme' Amidala; wife of Anakin Skywalker
Entering the elongated corridor of the Senate Building, Padme' couldn't help but feel strangely nauseated by the lavish blood red carpeting and tapestries that engulfed every spec of it's elaborated floors and walls. This new sensation of queasiness was bizarre, for the halls of the Senate Building had always brought a wave of comfort and security to the brave and well poised Senator. It was as if Padme' was looking upon this monumental building for the very first time as it filled her soul with sorrow and dread. Placing her hands on her hips and caressing the hilt of the lightsaber still intact to her holster, a refreshing sensation of strength and confidence washed over her shuddering soul; rejuvenating her natural essence of strong will.

Standing alongside the smooth silver finish of the steel door leading to Palpatine's private office was his loyal Representative, Mas Amedda. His body was completely motionless as he stood attentive outside the Chancellor's quarters. The horn-like tentacles on top of the Chagian's head seemed to twitch, like feelers in search of prey.Padme' knew him well enough to not ask questions and he would in turn do the same. As Mas Amedda acknowledged her presence along with Captain Typho and Dorme', he stepped aside and gestured a nod in welcome.

" You are expected, Senator Amidala. You may see the Chancellor now. " Announced the Chagian as he lead Padme' into the large, ornate oval office. Padme' gracefully swayed inside the Chancellor's antiqued private quarters without faltering or baring her true feelings of uneasiness. The Chancellor greeted the Senator and her small convoy of entrusted colleagues by meeting them in the center of his vast office. His smile was cunning and yet bared a slight sincerity of delight over Padme's well being.

" Senator Amidala, welcome. What a relief to see you well and unharmed. " Palpatine spoke with such suavity that even the most distinguished dignitary would feel subdued by his elegance. As regal as Padme' was she would not follow suit, she would remain diligent and dilute his dashing words of comfort.

" I thank you for your concern Chancellor Palpatine, though I am more concerned as to why you have called me back to the Capital? " Padme' spoke with a formality resembling that of the Queen she once was, lashing out her question in a demeaning tone allowing those within ears reach to comprehend that she would not be belittled.

" Of course Milady. I will get to a moment. May I just say that you look wonderful! Absolutely stunning....a vision my dear Lady. Tell me, are you wearing......Jedi Robes? " Palpatine's flattery was sincere as always when paying his compliments to Padme' . Even his bewilderment seemed honest as he stared at her with pursed lips.

" Yes. It would appear so. Chancellor Palpatine, please, I implore you...tell me why you have requested my return? " Padme' was becoming agitated with this frivolous and petty discussion. She strolled over to the oval window and peered out aimlessly at the skyline, trying to keep her focus on the impending information the Chancellor was keeping from her.

Walking over to join her, Palpatine paused directly behind her looking over Padme's shoulder to peer out at Coruscant's bustling city. He was uncomfortably close to her and yet Padme's poise remained free from faltering.

" Milady, the Senate has met its match with this outbreak of war amongst the systems that are separating from the Republic. I fear Democracy is at a total loss....UNLESS someone can suggest an alternative to the fighting with success. " His words lashed out like a lightsaber spearing straight through her posterior and exiting her abdomen. Padme' continued to stare out at the skyline, fixating her sights on one building in particular; the Jedi Temple. Keeping her poise and feeling her confidence fuel her soul once more, she made a hasty suggestion.

"What if negotiations could still be implemented? We could send a Representative of the Senate to lead a campaign alongside the Jedi, accompanied by the Troops for protection. " Padme's idea was more of a plan than a well constructed query.

" I suppose it could be explored. Though I doubt I know of any such Representative who would support such a radical motion as this. " Responded Palpatine.

" Chancellor, I wasn't implying that you ask for support from the Senate. I was thinking along the lines of a Volunteer. " Stated the adamant Padme'.

" My dear Lady, come to your senses....which Senator would even ponder such an expedition? " Palpatine's question was so debonair that his words made Padme's face go pallid with nauseousness upon answering.

" Chancellor Palpatine, I will lead a Diplomatic Campaign to any of the separating systems. There must be a few that show signs of hope that negotiations can be reached through civility rather than war." Padme's response was definitely well worth the contemplation of the Senate and she knew the Chancellor would not abandon her suggestion. After a brief moment of discussion it was decided it would be motioned within the upcoming Senate Briefing and lead by Senator Amidala. She would then in turn volunteer herself for the position of Representative of the Galactic Senate. This meeting that would take place within the Senate Rotunda was immediately postponed until the following morning due to this sudden change of procedures. As both politicians were bidding their formal farewells an uncomfortable occurrence of personal emotions was exposed.

" Again Milady, thank you for seeing me on such short notice. Please give my regards to.....Anakin Skywalker. You DO plan on seeing him before he is deployed tomorrow morning....don't you? " Palpatine's question was odd and perversely bold. These types of accusations were unheard of amongst the politicians for any kind of personal leaks to the media would be exploited.

Padme's face flushed as red as the carpets that covered Palpatine's office. She was paralyzed and dazed over the question at hand as she contemplated her relationship with Anakin and the Chancellor's inquiry pertaining to it. The silence between his query and her response was uncomfortably long and obvious. She mustered what she could and hoped it was coherent enough to sustain him from continual prying on such personal information.

" Chancellor, I beg your pardon. Anakin Skywalker's future mandates and campaigns are of no concern to the Senate. He has been relieved of his duties concerning my securities. If the circumstances arise... I will be sure to inform him of your salutations." Padme' was impressed with herself for stating her response without a single stammer or breath of hesitation. With that she was escorted from the office and made her way to her apartment at 500 Republica. As Palpatine watched the lovely Senator take leave, he silently took pleasure over his private meeting with Padme'. Smiling wryly, he softly cackled to himself with an overwhelming joy of personal victory.
Towering above the Galactic cities of Coruscant was the spectacular skyscraper of the Ambassadorial Sector that housed the most prestigious Senators; 500 Republica. On top of one of the buildings' towers was the Penthouse Suite of Senator Amidala. She resided in one of the largest and most luxurious apartments throughout the entire estate.
Padme' was leaning peacefully against the large marble pillar that formed the entrance way to the veranda leading out from the elaborate lounging area. She had removed herself from the confines of the Jedi Robes and was attired in a more mobile, yet revealing, ensemble. Her lounging robe was made from a very sheer gauze-like material, primarily white in color. It was loosely belted, revealing her flesh completely down to her lower abdomen. Beneath the robe she wore a satin undergarment that barely concealed the most private areas of Padme's lower proportions. Padme' relaxed, allowing the breezes to cool her from the uneasiness of the prior discussions she had with Chancellor Palpatine. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply she wrapped her arms behind her, hugging the enormous pillar that supported her body.The air was refreshingly cool, leaving her skin in goose bumps as she shivered in delight, welcoming the tingling sensations which soared through her entire body.
While Padme' privately enjoyed her seclusion, an undetected presence was lurking and secretly indulging in gratification over the view of her enjoyment. Anakin had snatched a moment away from his Jedi restrictions and ventured off in hopes of catching Padme' alone in her apartment. He had been watching her and waiting for the right moment to reveal himself and approach her. Anakin moved swiftly without a sound as he stood before her. While her eyes were still closed he lowered his head to hers, brushing his lips against the chilled flesh of Padme's neck. As she gasped Anakin pressed the palm of his flesh hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. He did this in order to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Once their eyes met and Anakin was able to attain Padme's full attention he removed his hand from her lips.

"'s alright. I just had to see you. " whispered Anakin. " Ani'? What are you doing here? It's the middle of the afternoon. You are gonna get us both caught. " responded Padme' as she wrapped her arms around Anakin's neck.

" What? Aren't you happy to see me? " chuckled Anakin. Padme' lifted her eyes to his and couldn't hold back her laugh. Smiling at him, she fell back on to the pillar and met his gaze. The look he gave was all to familiar, for it reminded her of the moment she first met him on Tatooine. When Padme' gazed at the little boy, she met the eyes of a man. His stare back then was just as intense as it was this very moment. Only now his eyes wandered from hers in order to scale her body in its' entirety. Once he completed this task he returned to her gaze and looked upon her with satisfaction. Moving himself forward he leaned his mechanical hand on the pillar just above Padme's head. Taking another step into her private space he wrapped his flesh hand around her waist forcing her into him.

" Are we....alone?" Breathed Anakin, as he pressed his lips to Padme's ear in a seductive, yet delicate, kiss. Padme' shuddered as she nodded her head in assurance of their seclusion. Anakin felt the release of his tension as he pressed his firm exterior against Padme's soft, petite body. Staring at each other, feeling the warmth of their breath on one another's face was intoxicating. Anakin couldn't wait another moment, he had to taste her sweetness and surround himself within her softness. This was their moment and he would not waste a precious minute of it not relishing within it. He delivered a kiss of passion that was received by forbidden loves' desires and drifted into a familiar descent of erotic bliss. As the winds encased them, their private words of love and lust were hushed to soft murmurs. Their hands struggled against the fabric that barricaded the flesh they both so desperately craved to touch. Finally, Anakin was able to embrace Padme's body securely between himself and the firmness of the pillar. Supporting her body against his own, he allowed his love to empower his desires and bring forth his passions to satisfy both of their cravings for intimate indulgence. Together they indulged in loves' desires, igniting a flame that would forever burn and light the path toward eternal love.


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Angel, you are soooo good! How in the world do you do it? Got me all hot and bothered (again). :D

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Suggestivly HOT, girly! woo hoo!

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