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Forbidden Love Chapter 13...Coruscant

Realities of the Capital & Secrets of the City

The Coruscant sky was shimmering with a silver lining cascading throughout the city. Towering above the cold firm permacrete of the landing platform of the Jedi Temple were the highly decorated and most elaborated skyscrapers that architecture had to offer throughout the entire galaxy. Only the finest pieces of art, latest models of building structures, and the most advanced technologies were found here, at the Republic's Capital. Every fixture and building that covered this spectacle of a planet seemed to sparkle in the forever gleaming lights of this boisterous city. Even a Jedi could go unnoticed here, for the residents of Coruscant were too manic and self absorbed in their own lifestyles to acknowled such things.

Standing in the middle of the luminously lit platform was a lone Jedi Knight, wrapped entirely in a brown cloak casting his sights on the morning sky. His gaze was more of a trance, so fixated that he could easily be mistaken for a statue or monument. Patiently he waited, showing no signs of anxiety, anticipation, or tension.....for he was calm, at peace with the Force.

Unfortunately, for one to reach complete serenity one must be in the appropriate environment and a landing platform was no such place. Loud and heavy footsteps echoed from behind the Jedi Knight causing his concentration to break as he turned in the direction of the disturbance. Approaching him was a man attired in security garb and accompanied by a beautiful woman dressed in formal regalia. He recognized the couple immediately as Captain Typho of the Naboo Royal Security and Lady Dorme' a trusted handmaiden of Senator Amidala's staff. Their pace was swift as they neared the landing dock, all the while holding their gaze on the Jedi.

"Master Kenobi, any sign of them?" asked the concerned and over protective Captain.

"No, nothing of visual assurance, though I sense they are near." answered Obi-wan in a calm almost monotone voice, never once averting his eyes from the Coruscant sky. The oddly elite group stood together awaiting the arrival of a specific republic cruiser, hoping for it to port on Coruscant without a dangerous intrusion. As the couple accompanied Obi-wan they also gazed into the morning sky, looking for a glimmer or glance of the awaited transport. Soon there was a shift in the winds and a rumble of thunderous clatter surrounding the three companions. Through the heavy traffic that filled the sky a spec of shimmering light shone brightly, paving a path towards the landing dock.

"Ah, you see Captain, nothing to worry about. " Smirked Obi-wan as he pointed out the arriving vessel admitting that his senses had once again prevailed victorious.

" Yes, but forgive me Master Kenobi....the transports' arrival is late. " groaned Captain Typho, for the Senator had a schedule to keep and this delay only added confusion to her other engagements.

" Punctuality has never been my pupil's strong point Captain Typho. Nonetheless, they are here. Better late than never." chuckled Obi-wan as he shrugged off the Captain's smug remark. Though he joked at Anakin's late arrival, he wasn't at all amused by the blunt vocalization of this flaw. Obi-wan hoped that this lateness would not become an ongoing habit with his padawan. As he contemplated Anakin's faults, the transport was touching down on the landing platform. As Captain Typho and Dorme' backed away from the large cruiser, Obi-wan held his stance and awaited patiently. Soon the thunderous hum of the engines was silenced as the ramp was lowered onto the hard permacrete landing. A small group of troopers exited the vessel and stood at attention once they reached the floor of the dock. Obi-wan's gaze was fixated on the opened hatch of the cruiser as a small and slender frame came into view. He couldn't help the slip of his jaw as he gaped at the young beautiful Senator. Dressed in Jedi robes, Obi-wan was startled by her appearance, disguised as a Jedi, used as a decoy and issued no less by his padawan. For once Obi-wan looked upon Senator Amidala and acknowledged her beauty. He had always known her to be beautiful, as Queen she was every bit the elegant beauty displayed in the latest fashions of Naboo. Now standing before him outfitted in the Jedi garb, he truly felt and understood the *awe* that aroused all within Senator Amidala's presence.

Obi-wan's thoughts shifted from the lovely Senator to his apprentice who trailed closely behind. Anakin's closeness was carefully analyzed by Obi-wan. He sensed something odd and it was strongly unsettling. He knew that look, in fact he recognized most of Anakin's facial expressions and knew them well. Though this look of protection went beyond the norm for Anakin. As Obi-wan realized its significance his insides began to gyrate, giving him a queasy sensation. Anakin's look of protection resembled one of ownership, as if the Senator were a prize to be won and all who challenged him would be avenged for doing so. It was forbidden for Anakin to feel such emotions. For the Senator was nothing more than an assignment, a mission ordered by the Council and approved by the Chancellor.

Dismissing his thoughts, Obi-wan motioned to his other companions to come forward and greet their arriving colleagues. As Padme' flowed down the ramp she embraced the woman who had dedicated her life to insure her safety. While the women clung to one another in greeting, Obi-wan approached his young apprentice with a warm welcome in relief of his safe return to coruscant. Firmly he embraced Anakin with a stern pat on his back, releasing him quickly from his grasp in order to look upon him with pride. Both Master and apprentice exchanged looks of appreciation for one another then returned their focus on the Senator and her company.
" Milady, we should disperse quickly. Danger maybe still lurking. I do not wish to take any chances. " Ordered Captain Typho as he placed his hand on Padme's back motioning for her to take leave from the landing dock.

" You're right Captain. Do you have a transport standing by? "Questioned Padme' as she pulled her hood over her head concealing her identity.

" Of course Milady, the Chancellor is waiting for you. He has requested your presence upon your return. " Announced Typho. Padme' couldn't conceal her inquisitiveness as her eyebrow arched in astonishment over this news. For the briefing was scheduled for this afternoon, what could he possibly want to discuss with her beforehand? She was irritated and a bit nervous concerning the short notice of this private engagement.

"Understood, let's not keep Chancellor Palpatine waiting. Ready my transport and take me to the senate building. " Instructed Padme' as she turned and faced the two robed Jedi, patiently standing in a protective stance surrounding her. She cast a glance at both with a nod, allowing her stare to linger in Anakin's direction for just a sheer moment longer. She hoped Obi-wan didn't take notice as her eyes spoke of silent love for Anakin. It pained her to see Anakin look away from her, his frustration was all she could see and it was unbearable. Being a politician had it's advantages, for she was a master at disguising her emotions. She was able to appear dignified with a blank emotionless face in front of her protectors. Obi-wan bowed as a gesture of respect as he bid farewell to Padme', nudging his companion to do the same.
"I'm happy to see you are safe once again, Milady. We will not hold you up any longer, for I understand you have a schedule to keep. " As always Obi-wan spoke with his ever so proper Coruscant accent and his natural talent for formality.

"Thank you, Master Kenobi. " Responded Padme' focusing her attention on Anakin as she spoke.
"Be safe Milady. I hope you remain out of harms way. " Anakin's voice was shaky as he forced himself to say anything that would form a sound. Coherent or not, he had to say something. His eyes expressed a sadness of loneliness and a longing for loves' desires. Still within her presence he already missed her and impatiently awaited their next private moment together.

"Thank you Anakin. I'm sure our paths will cross again. I will never forget your dedication to my safety. If there is anything you ever need do not hesitate to call on me, for it is the least I can do for you....Anakin Skywalker. " As Padme' spoke of non personal matters through her political formalities, her eyes spoke of an eternal love; a love so deep that she would carry it within her heart and it would follow him to the furthest systems of the galaxy. For no matter where he was, he would forever be her beloved husband, the man she desired. Anakin Skywalker was the burning flame within her heart, the eternal embers of an unconditional love that would not only heat the galaxy but eventually heal it as well.


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