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Viago Angel's Sw Fan-Fiction *Forbidden Love*

Leaving Naboo & Concealing their Love


A hazy ray of light colored in blushing pink and melon orange was rising over the rustling water falls and the distant horizon, bringing forth the signs of morning to the city of Theed. The security of night betrayed them by vanishing the protective blanket of darkness into a vibrant revelation of inferiority and discovery. All parties gathered on the landing platform were well aware of these circumstances and proceeded with their duties with grave caution and agile haste. A safe and yet swift departure was of the upmost importance to all assigned to the mission at hand.

An assembly of five clones were in the company of Captain Panaka as a small fleet of Naboo’s Royal Security stood attentive only a few feet away from their leader. Approaching the vast landing platform were two robed beings, human in form, one of male gender and the other was female. The congregated group of security soldiers barricaded the peculiar pair of robed strangers. With an odd gesture from the mysterious hooded male and a quick flick of his wrist the fleet quickly backed away and allowed the couple passage onto the landing.

Without hesitation the assembly of clones and Captain Panaka turned and stood at attention, acknowledging the arrival of their guests. “Commander Skywalker, right on schedule. “ commented the captain as he bowed with respect and approval over Anakin’s leadership.

“ I see things are in order. Do we have clearance for departure? “ asked Anakin as he returned the respectful gesture of a bow in Panaka’s direction.

“ You have clearance, depart when ready Commander. “ answered Captain Panaka with a voice filled with confidence. Anakin nodded in approval and placed the palm of his hand on his female companion’s back leading her onto the lowered loading ramp of the transport. She immediately followed his physical order and moved along without hesitation. As she proceeded to board she was intervened by another’s hand grasping firmly to her forearm. This jolted the woman from her trance and looked upon the face of her awakener. It was the Captain of the Queen’s Royal Security that had stopped her from boarding the ramp.

Safe journey, Milady. “ whispered the Captain as he gazed at his former Queen with concern and respect. Padme’ nodded and smiled slightly with her simple elegance giving him assurance that she would indeed be safe. This interception only took seconds to unfold, but for the two old confidants time seemed to stand still for that brief moment. Continuing onward, Padme’ climbed aboard the elevated ramp and into the cruiser. There she found herself surrounded by a dozen more cloned troops, all busy at their assigned stations preparing for departure. So preoccupied within their duties not one of them even noticed her presence or that anyone had boarded their transport. Padme’ looked over her shoulder and saw Anakin strolling up the ramp to join her, with a pair of droids following faithfully behind him.“ Sir! Commander! Stop! “ shouted a masked cloned soldier running up alongside Anakin trying to engage his attention. Swiftly Anakin whirled around to face the soldier. The clone was covered in white armor with Yellow markings upon his right shoulder ranking his status amongst the others.

“ What is it? “ commented Anakin in an agitated tone. He stood firm with his arms crossed over his chest revealing his annoyance over the delay and waste of crucial time.

The droids, do you have clearance for them? “ Asked the armored soldier. Anakin’s appearance was full of exasperation over such trifle procedures. “ No need for codes, they are gifts for a Senator residing on Coruscant. “ Explained Anakin in a statement leaving no room for further discussion. Now making his way up the ramp, Anakin and the droids met up with Padme’ who had already settled in. Once on board Anakin found himself again bombarded with trivial and unnecessary questions.

"Commander Skywalker, do you have anything to declare? “ Asked the pilot of the Republic Cruiser. “ Just the droids. “ replied Anakin as he motioned for Padme’ to secure Artoo and Seethreepio to the ship. Using straps that resembled belts, Padme quickly fastened them into place for the duration of their travel.

“ Any precious cargo Sir? “ Asked the pilot. Anakin once again placed his hand firmly on Padme’s back pushing her forward. “ Her. She must reach the Capital unharmed. She is OUR precious Cargo, protect her at all costs....nothing else aboard is of importance. Is that understood? “ Ordered Anakin. All the clones who were busy at their stations turned and faced their Commanding officer and replied in unison “ Understood Commander. “ Anakin responded with a nod of approval and gave the order to depart Naboo and set the coordinates for Coruscant. As the thrusters blazed to life the transport jolted and jerked as it embarked into the air. The gyrating turbulence knocked Padme’ off balance as she scrambled across the steel platform of the floor looking for support. Reaching above her she intertwined her hands and wrists into the noose of the hanging support straps. Her body swung in and out as her legs dangled out into the air. The transport flaps were still open allowing Padme’s body to swing in out, appearing as though she were weightless. Suddenly she felt an arm wrap around her waist pulling her body into the confinements of the ship. Soon she could feel the hardness of a body molding into her posterior. The torso of this body was all too familiar as she recognized it without clarification of sight. Still holding on to the straps above her, Padme felt the warmth of lips upon her right ear. She closed her eyes as the soothing voice drowned out the humming of engines surrounding her. “ I got you, you won’t fall this time.”

Padme’ couldn’t resist, she turned her face to meet Anakin’s lips. Brushing her lips against his, Padme’ initiated the kiss. Anakin pulled her body closer to his as his arm slid from her waist falling to her hips. His flesh hand sprawled over her flat abdomen just barely crossing the private barrier of her soft pelvis. As their kiss grew deeply passionate so did Anakin’s caress. Her muffled moans only excited Anakin all the more. To add to his growing arousal, Padme’ dropped her right hand and placed it on top of his. Squeezing his hand she encouraged his intimate caress to continue leaving Anakin breathless. Every motion of Anakin’s erotic caress left Padme’ gripping his hand tighter and tighter. At this point the kiss was wildly passionate and deeply intimate, leaving them dazed, confused, and mesmerized by desire. He struggled against the fabric that separated him from the flesh he so desperately craved to touch. Their surroundings only added to the exhilaration of their public passions. For the clones seemed unaware of such physical behavior and payed no attention to the estrange couple entangled in a provocative embrace. If you would like to read the other 1o chapters please go to


Blogger Oboe-Wan said...


you sure like your friends, don't you.... ;)

Have a nice weekend!!!

11:42 AM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

Is that sarcasm? Or are you being coy? Whoa....that good? Anyway, is this sort of thing OK to post on this site, I won't get in trouble will I?
Have a Nice Weekend too!!!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked that one. :D ;)

4:51 PM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

Thanks Michelle, Still feeling those tingling sensations or should I say VIBRATIONS?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Hansgirl3 said...

Well, it's a good thing I can get a comment in here since your comments are closed on the OS! :p

Great chapter, once again, my friend!! Passionate, lustful...
Oh, and the intrigue is good, too!! ;)

I also agree with your blog concerning Anaking and his need to save Padme and that being his reason for rushing to save Palps. Too true! :)

10:01 AM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

HG3, thanks babe! So you likes the passionate lust for the skins do ya? teeheee.....

Thanks for the response to the blog too! Didn't realize the comments closed.....maybe I'll delete a few of mine...*smooches*

10:36 AM  
Blogger Jedi Master Mina said...

For the clones seemed unaware of such physical behavior and payed no attention to the estrange couple entangled in a provocative embrace.

WTF? And you are bringing the clones into this love nest now? Ha, where's the butter...where's the bubble bath...where's the rose pedals. You've created a monster here, especially with that damn picture you posted. Geez, how am I going to sleep tonight.

Just kidding. Loved it as usual. I see you have converted to e-blogger and I'm glad you have. Now you can post when you want to instead of waiting for someone else to post for you. See? Told you we would get you through this.

10:35 PM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

WTF? And you are bringing the clones into this love nest now? Ha, where's the butter...where's the bubble bath...where's the rose pedals. You've created a monster here, especially with that damn picture you posted. Geez, how am I going to sleep?

So happy to hear that Mina liked it! Did you think that was a little much? Seriously I want to know. thanks Mina....Remember I'm still undergoing your training.

8:59 AM  
Blogger forcechic said...

Wonderful, I have read all of your entries after hearing about them on writings are so realistic that i need to go take a cold shower!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Viago Angel said...

Forcechic, Well thanks. Are you a member of Hyperspace on the Star Wars site? Just curious is all.

So you've read all the installments even the ones on the Viagoredgallows site? I appreciate the Thanks. VA2

8:36 PM  
Blogger Reilos (yeah, that one) said...

You're welcome, Angel--My FAVORITE

for those of you who DON'T know..I am forcechic :D I forgot my password...tehe oops

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Blogger Jenrya said...

This is an excellent story, but the other chapters don't seem to be working...Could you repost them?

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