Friday, September 01, 2006

Viago Angel's Forbidden Love Chapter 12

Many Things Will Change When We Reach The Capital
but My LOVE for You will Remain

* Attention Supreme Chancellor Palpatine *
The Naboo Clergy has sent the following certified
Records and Dealings of Civilian Affairs upon
your request.
Case # 220010 NSOGS
* Official Marriage Certification *
Miss Padme’ Naberrie, daughter of Ruwee’
and Jobal Naberrie and resident of Naboo has legally
documented a marriage union with Anakin Skywalker
a resident of Coruscant Family- listed as DECEASED
No further information was given.

Reclining in his throne like chair, Chancellor Palpatine swirled around to face the vast window and peer out amongst the morning skyline of Coruscant. Carefully he placed the document back into the sleeve of the large envelope, creasing the freshly open seal for a secure closure. Pleased with the information placed firmly within his grasp he grinned wryly and continued to stare aimlessly at the bustling traffic of Coruscant’s marvelous city.
A ringing yet irritating chime interrupted his thoughts as he swirled around once more to face his sleek desk and answer the intercom. " Yes Mas Amedda, what is it? "
" My Lord, Commander Skywalker’s transport is due to arrive within 1 hour
. " answered the loyal representative Mas Amedda.
" Very good. Make sure that Senator Amidala reports to me shortly after arrival. Notify Captain Typho of this arrangement immediately. " Ordered the Chancellor.
" Of course My Lord. " assured the loyal assistant.

As the transmission ended Palpatine returned to his soothing yet pleasant thoughts. Once more grinning in an appalling yet devious manner, Palpatine swirled his chair around in order to cast his sights upon the panorama view of Coruscant’s skyline.

Alone in one of the modest sleeping quarters aboard the Republic cruiser, rested the weary Senator Amidala. She was tucked away in a corner, wrapped up in her brown earthy toned jedi garb. As the transport rattled and swayed upon entering Coruscant’s atmosphere she remained undisturbed and continued on with her sleep. Standing before her crouched fetal body was her protector, her love, Anakin Skywalker. He stood there just gazing upon her peacefulness. To disrupt such blissful beauty would be an act of sin, at least from Anakin’s point of view. So he waited patiently just enjoying his private view and awaiting for an approval code allowing clearance to land the cruiser.

As the thrusters once again charged to full throttle, the gyration of the transport jolted Padme’ to a frenzied gasp. Anakin knelt down beside her placing his mechanical hand on her shoulder, calmly he nodded his head in assurance of their safety.
" It’s alright. Just firing up the engines, we’re entering Coruscant’s atmosphere. "
Smiled Anakin with nothing but confidence within his strong voice.

Padme’ gazed at her love and returned a warm smile and released a shuddering exhale of nerves. Nodding her head in comprehension of Anakin’s explanation, she stood up and rearranged her garments for proper jedi appearance. Patting herself and smoothing out the fabric from embedded creases and wrinkles she stood at attention facing Anakin. He couldn’t help but cover his mouth with his durasteel hand to try his best to conceal his laugh at such a display of formality. Padme’ embraced his teasing laugh and responded with her own infectious giggles. It was a well deserved release of tension and nervous anticipation for them both.
Looking out the small porthole of the cruiser the couple cast their sights on the glorious yet audacious capital of the Galactic Senate, the planet Coruscant. It was a swirl of endless light, giving off an ora of hope and everlasting life. Taking in the view, Anakin drew Padme’ against him surrounding himself within the sweet fragrance of her essence. His heart was aching knowing that their time together was coming to an end. With their impending separation only moments away Anakin tried to focus on the here and now. Relishing within Padme’s embrace, her presence, to just be.....together.

" Many things will change once we leave this transport Anakin. " Padme’s voice was barely a whisper when she spoke, holding back the tears that nearly spilled over her large inquisitive brown eyes. " Just remember, no matter what transpires on the landing dock .....I love you. " Padme’ stammered as she spoke and the tears impearled her soft cheeks with impeccable radiance.

" It doesn’t have to be this way Padme’. " Once again Anakin hinted toward leaving the jedi ways behind him. He was sincere in his words but, ultimately left the choice up to Padme’. As thoughts whirled around in her head of living a normal life of honest love, she quickly wiped them away as fast as she conjured them up. Yes they would be happy, but for how long? As years would come to pass would he regret his choice and ultimately her? She couldn’t, she wouldn’t allow him to throw away all those years of training, studying to become a jedi knight. It is what he wanted, what his mother had only dreamed he would become, a jedi. It was a privilege, a gift.
One she would not take away for her own personal gratifications. She loved him too much and would sacrifice her own happiness for his accomplishments.

" No. I will not let you give up on everything you have worked for. Besides, the order needs you now. "

" Padme’, this is not about them. It’s about US." Anakin’s tone was agitated, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. She totally disregarded what he said and protected his relationship with the order over their marriage. Was it not important to her? No. He knew that was not possible, she was protecting him. Her selflessness was honorable, though right now he didn’t want her to be honorable or selfless. Anakin wanted them to be selfish and choose their LOVE over everything else that the galaxy had to offer them.

" The Republic needs US right now. We owe it to ourselves to defend them and their rights, we owe it to Democracy. We can do it together. " As Padme’ finished her political plea, she closed her statement with a positive unity. Hoping it would sustain Anakin’s intentions of withdrawal from his teachings. She approached him closely now and placed her soft hand upon his taught jaw line, bringing his face toward hers. Leaning into him and brushing her soft lips tenderly across his, Anakin melted into it and gave himself completely to her seductive kiss. As it consumed him, he quickly forgot all that was said and all he wanted to say. So entranced by their infectious passions that neither heard or respondedto the call on the intercom, nor did they care.

Lost within their forbidden love, Padme’s thoughts lingered upon Anakin’s proposal of living a life of normalcy. How she longed for this to be so. She knew it was not possible now for this to become their reality, though she hoped......"Someday their world may bend and the fighting will cease ....for their LOVE will know no end...."


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